May 2018

Editor's Note May 2018

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Last night I found myself lost in the matrix yet again. This time, it was a deep search through pages and pages about acupressure. Teri, a massage therapist at the Westin Heavenly Spa, had loosened up muscles I thought were forever frozen in place using this technique on my last visit. Naturally curious about this miracle cure, I dove in.
I’m sure I’m not alone. Our resident technology mastermind, Hunter Kostylo, is forever laughing out loud at some ridiculous video she’s discovered on YouTube. My question is always the same, “Where in the hell do you find this stuff?” Her latest find (suitable for the masses) is a video of a horse (PINTO!) who plays dead. Go ahead. Check it out.

While arguably a time suck, the Internet has given us the ability to learn about almost anything with a few clicks of the mouse, which is awesome because … The More You Know, right? Of course, as with anything positive, there is the equal opposing force that is always present. The good and the bad. The light and the darkness. The yin and yang.

Gary Vinton dives into this with his article “Anti-Social Media?” on page 61. He tells the tale of a scene we’ve all witnessed umpteen times and reminds us to do better this year. I’d be lying if I didn’t squirm a bit while reading it. Sorry, mom. I know I’m guilty of this one.

And speaking of moms, there are plenty in this issue. Our second annual Mompreneur special section is full of local mommas who are conquering the workplace and simultaneously raising their brood. They share their secrets to juggling it all, where they go to get away, and even their favorite restaurants for date nights. I loved getting a peek into their worlds. One comment especially stuck with me. It was from Lauren Cirafesi, who owns OMBRA Cucina Italiana with her husband Michael. When asked how she balances work and home life, she had this to say: “The thing is, I don’t want to pass up time with my boys when they are young, because they grow up so fast. So I choose the beach over housework every time.

One day they will be grown up, and I will have all the time in the world to be lonely and fold laundry and work at night. For now, I choose to have fun with my kids and make memories.”

Wiser words were never spoken, Lauren. If you choose to be a parent, BE A PARENT.
A local organization set on making things better, $10,000 at a time, also had our attention this month. Linda Hopkins writes about the local chapter of 100+ Women Who Care on page 75. For about a dollar a day and 60 minutes every three months, you can help these ladies have an impact on our community—definitely one of the most effective, no-nonsense charitable organizations I have ever had the pleasure of observing.

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