September 2007

In Case You Were Wondering...But Were Too Afraid to Ask!

Author: Lindsey Hawkins

This month’s adventure: A Colonic!

Fellow islanders, I have decided that my never ending, somewhat odd curiosity about trying new things needs to be shared with my readers. So, from now on I will bestow my experiences upon you in hope that you will be enlightened on everything from colonics and bikini-waxes to sky diving and bungee jumping.

This September it is time to decipher the mystery behind Colonics, and why the ancient wellness therapy, dating back to 1500 B.C., is becoming a health trend in 2007!

If you never thought twice about your colon health and where all that toxic waste can really hide nor found it of great interest to discuss, I plan on changing your mind.

For starters here what you might have wondered:
Let us talk street science for a moment. The colon is a part of the large intestine, an organ that has processed and eliminated waste materials from your body since birth. But did you know you still have waste inside of you that has been stored since childhood?

With each digested bite of pizza and burger that does not exit your body, bacterial toxins that come from these types of processed foods and saturated fats can be left behind to multiply and fester, adding to the compacted fecal wall your body has been building up inside your intestine since you were an infant.

The normal digestion time for food is less than 24 hours, and having at least one bowel movement a day ensures that you aren’t getting backed up. However, build-up of any kind of fecal material inhibits the colon wall from absorbing essential vitamins.

Many colon hydrotherapist experts believe that most disease and sickness starts from an unhealthy, clogged intestine releasing built-up toxins into the body by a process called autointoxification, in which the body uses other cells and organs to try and transfer the toxins out of the body when the colon is unable to do it alone.

These experts believe that through a series of colonics, many symptoms associated with the early signs of sickness, such as constipation and fatigue, can be eliminated and ultimately prevent illness. Colonics can be beneficial to those suffering from chronic headaches and backaches, arthritis, abdominal gas, bad breath, skin problems such as acne, itchiness, body odor, psoriasis and eczema and even cancer.

The key word emphasized here is elimination. It is one thing to treat the symptoms of an illness, and a completely different process to eliminate what is causing the symptoms in the first place so they do not return.

Colonics get to the problem internally and start the detoxification process, allowing your body to heal itself from the inside out. You can use all of the topical medication and antibiotics you want, but the symptoms will come back if you don’t eliminate what is causing them in the first place.

Before we get to the exciting experience of having a colonic, let’s get an idea of what it is. A colonic is a process similar to an enema in which purified water gently flows into the colon via gravity in order to effectively remove compacted fecal material rich in bacterial toxins. In other words, if you are constipated, you won’t be and you will also start the process of truly achieving colon health. And yes, I can tell you from personal experience.

Now, here’s what you were too afraid to ask…

Yes friends, I have joined the fun and so far have had two colonics of the recommended four. Every treatment is different, and fortunately for me, my symptoms were minor compared to most.

Not going into too much detail, I had been backed up and bloated for some time, and believe you me, I tried everything from over-the-counter drugs to eating vegetables and fiber supplements. So, achieving regularity became a goal of mine. Sad but true.

As shallow as it can be perceived, I first heard about colonics through my love of celebrity trends and E! News Live, entertainment television. Evidently, Hollywood stars are utilizing the colonics process as a detox/weight-loss jumpstart. After being a little horrified over people getting their stuff sucked out of them, I did a little curious research.

Just for the record, nothing gets sucked out of you. However, I will let you know the fabulous details. After reading everything I could find on the subject, I decided I really had nothing to lose and hoped for some peace of stomach. At the point I decided to make an appointment I hadn’t gone in over a week and everything I ate made my stomach feel like a balloon.

From my own experience, here is a recap of my first visit to the Metamorphosis Wellness Center. You start by doing a thorough consultation and walk through of the process, what your insides look like, and where the problem is located. It’s all quite shocking. I had no idea that the wave-like pockets on the walls of your colon could get so compacted over time.

After the consultation I took a 20 minute power nap on an Amethyst Bio-Mat. This mat is a whole other article in itself, but it is filled with amethyst crystals that generate warmth and natural healing energies throughout the body. Needless to say, I felt like I had slept for hours when I got up.

Then you change into a large white t-shirt and lie down, face up, on what is called the Angel of Water. This bed/sink is shaped like a chaise lounge with a sink where your back end would normally rest comfortably. Your legs are bent at the knee and your feet rest to either side of the sink, kind of like being at the ob-gyn.

Connected to the sink is a small tube that connects to what looks like a giant refrigerator with a UV light on the inside. This is where the gallons of purified water come from. Unfortunately, you do have to have a catheter inserted one inch into the colon, but it is only the thickness of a pencil, and I didn’t feel anything uncomfortable. Next, they connect the catheter to the water tank resembling the giant refrigerator and turn it on.

In all honesty, I wish I could say the next step is pleasant but I don’t want to lie to my readers. For the first two minutes, the water, set at body temperature, is flowing into your intestine, it feels like you really have to go to the bathroom but can’t. Hence, there is some minor cramping. However for me, once I remembered to breathe and relax, everything flowing in came right back out along with the stuff.

For those of you who are curious, there is a mirror reflecting the large tube that carries the stuff to the sewage system. I opted not to look the first session, and shouldn’t have looked the second session, because you have no idea how much you really needed a colonic until you see what is coming out. I, unlike others, didn’t find it fascinating, but to each his own.

Finally, after the 30 minute colonic came to an end, I got to sit in the bathroom for another 10 minutes just to make sure all the water had been released.

I know it seems a bit much, but you would not believe how it has changed me. I have reached the initial goal of regularity; I have not been bloated since; I have significantly more energy than before; I don’t feel uncomfortable after I eat; my skin has a brighter color, and this is all the truth.

Trust me when I tell you I was worried I was going to regret it halfway through my first session, but I felt light on my feet and healthy immediately after. On a side note, I felt like I needed a nap afterwards, and was told this was typical due to my lymphatic system being kicked into high gear. I ate dinner after my nap and felt like a million bucks.

There you have it, colonics deciphered.

Celebrate Hilton Head recommends consulting your physician before any medical treatment! Always remember to consult a physician, and feel free to call the Metamorphosis Wellness Center of Bluffton for more information, at 843.815.7737.

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