September 2007

Bachelor 411

Author: Whitney Farmer

For single women, the summer season on Hilton Head Island is a time to comb the beaches lined with glistening bodies of every type of man imaginable. Those three short months offer opportunities for extreme elation (that cute guy playing beach volleyball giving you the eye) or disappointment (that cute guy playing beach volleyball not noticing you).

But now that the season is officially coming to a close and the temporary transplants are packed up and on their way home, your summer love may be disappearing along with the long summer days. Now, what you need is a local guy—that elusive islander who possesses the wit, charm and good looks that every women deserves, who won’t disappear when his timeshare is up.

Enter Celebrate Hilton Head’s second annual Bachelor of the Year contest, here to help you find exactly that. After last year’s success, the competition has been resurrected, new and improved. This year’s judging panel consists of 20 local women who were chosen for submitting the most thought-provoking questions for the bachelors.

The questions were compiled in a survey packet sent to nominees, which the judges will review later this month when they convene to determine each man’s swoon-worthiness. The nominees were also required to send in a picture for the judges to scrutinize. But the guys can’t get by on good looks alone. The pictures and questionnaires will be separated and numbered randomly so that no judge knows whose answers she is reading. Fifty percent of each judge’s vote will be based on the picture and the other half on the bachelor’s answers.

In October, the nominees will make their debut, and we want you to meet them. On October 25, Riders Lounge will host the bachelor party from 6-9 pm. Guests can enjoy drink specials and door prizes while meeting and mingling with each of the nominees. There will be raffles and custom-made bachelor T-shirts for sale, so you’ll always remember your night out with the boys. The popular music venue will feature live entertainment provided by Zach Deputy. Fun will ensue.

On the night of the party, eight of the 10 finalists will already be chosen, but there will be two wild card spots to be voted on that night, for a price. That’s right; this year, men can be bought. For five dollars, you can buy a vote for your favorite bachelor (up to a 20 vote max), which will be tallied that night. The two nominees with the most votes will be a part of the coveted top ten.

Keep your hearts and wallets open, because you’re flirting for a cause. The proceeds from the votes will go to the Island Recreation Center’s scholarship program.

Fun-loving ladies of all ages should plan to attend the party. There’s no age limit for nominees, and the bachelors will represent men in all stages of life. So, if you’re a woman closer to your golden years, or if you’re just “that” girl who’s looking for someone a bit more, um, distinguished, don’t think this isn’t your scene. The bachelor debut promises to be party of pure fun that also benefits a local charity.

If you like what you see at Riders, you’ll have another chance to meet the boys in November. In honor of the Island Recreation Center, the finalists will be making an appearance at the Oyster Festival in Shelter Cove, hosted by the Rec Center. The festival will be another opportunity to enjoy the guys’ company in an atmosphere of fun and games.

On December 1, public voting will open online. The first week of December, anyone with a computer can vote for 2008’s Bachelor of the Year. Voting will take place on Celebrate Hilton Head’s website; but you can only vote once.

The winner will be announced in January and will receive two thousand dollars in cash and prizes, thanks to this year’s sponsors: Live Oac, Legends Sports Gallery, Riders Lounge and Golf Outfitters. The lucky bachelor will also be highlighted in a feature story and his face will appear on the cover of January’s issue of Celebrate Hilton Head. The second and third place winners also receive cash and prizes as well a profile in the magazine.

If you’re one of the women around town constantly complaining that you just can’t meet a good guy around these parts, mark your calendar now. We’re making it easy for you by rounding them up for a big party to which you are cordially invited. So, if you can stand the extra competition, bring your friends to Riders for Meet the Bachelors night. No more excuses.

Buy a vote and help a child

This year’s “buy a vote” policy will go to a good cause. The money raised at the party will benefit the Island Recreation Center. According to special events director, Joe Cain, proceeds will help to ensure that money isn’t an issue for kids who want to participate in sports opportunities offered by the Rec Center. “We like to think that no child is denied recreational opportunities because they can’t afford it,” said Cain, who happens to be a former bachelor nominee. “The money raised goes to offset some of our costs. No child will be denied opportunities, thanks to the Bachelor of the Year contest and other fundraising.”

So be sure to come to Riders prepared to vote, and vote often, to help your favorite bachelor win the title of Celebrate Hilton Head’s 2008 Bachelor of the Year, while helping the community. Ladies, commence to the polls.

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