April 2018

Pinnacle Plastic Surgery & Pure Medical Spa: Vitality the New Measure

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Dr. Audrey Klenke consults with a patient at her Bluffton location.

The days of vanity are gone,” said Dr. Audrey A. Klenke M.D., FACS, board certified plastic surgeon, and owner of Pinnacle Plastic Surgery and Pure Medical Spa. “I consider vitality a more appropriate word.” Klenke and her team have set aside the medical model of the surgeon with a scalpel fixing this chin, or that nose, or those wrinkles, and have asked their patients to do the same. Taking a more-holistic approach to cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, and all-body care, the benefits of their practice and approach are being well-proven.

“There is a lot of research showing that people who feel better about the way they look on the outside, actually have a lot of really interesting positive changes internally, like cortisol levels are lower. They’ve actually shown that people who tend to keep up with themselves on the outside tend to keep up with themselves on the inside and, therefore, live longer.”

Completing her Cincinnati-based medical degree in 2007, Klenke and husband Trevor Klenke opened their Bluffton practice in the fall of 2013. “My family and my husband’s family came to the Carolinas on vacation,” she said. On the advice of colleagues, the couple researched the possibility of starting a practice in the Lowcountry. What they found was a need in the area in this specialty. “My husband’s background is in finance and banking; he’s the thinker, he’s the dreamer. When we decided to move down here, he offered to handle all the business of opening a practice. He offered, and I accepted. That’s not something anyone learns in medical training.”

The Pinnacle Plastic Surgery Team
From left to right:Stephany Voss, Dr. Audrey Klenke, Savanna Dorsey, Shelbi Carpenter and Angela Mosquiera

The result is an advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practice, operating in concert with their state-of-the-art medical spa. “I think they go hand-in-hand,” Klenke said. “It’s really how surgery has evolved. People used to have a facelift when they were 50, they’d have another at 60, and possibly another at 70. Patients would just keep having surgery because we had no other tools. We didn’t have Botox, fillers, lasers, peels and medical grade skin care. Now, when you have a facelift, you work with a licensed aesthetician and myself to plan a maintenance routine. Surgery is an investment—money and healing. We want you to protect that investment. Having advanced medical spa options is critical to your long-term look.”

Klenke understands that people who start out as cosmetic patients often have other things that need attention, like rashes or skin cancers. “Being in the OR [operating room]—that’s my happy place. I like being able to use my hands and craft, but in plastic surgery you have to be so multi-focused.” Which is where her thoughtfully selected team on the medical side and licensed aestheticians on the spa side come in.

Angela Mosquiera is the resident permanent makeup artist.
The Anti-Aging Hydra Facial fights off fine lines and wrinkles

Shelbi Carpenter, nurse practitioner, joined Klenke’s team in early 2018. The Arkansas native moves skillfully between the medical side of the Pinnacle practice and the spa side, whether doing injectables, or skin checks, biopsies, rashes—really, anything skin related. “The benefit of how we do things is that everything can be taken care of here. There’s real continuity of care; that’s huge,” she said.

A full line of injectables, from Botox to Restylane, is offered at Pinnacle Plastic Surgery.
UltraShape Power is the most effective non-surgical fat destruction technology on the market today.

With a passion for education, Carpenter will be going out into the community to do just that. “I love talking about skin cancers, prevention, and maintenance,” she said. “People don’t realize how much sun they got when they were outside playing at three years old. All that sun is what’s causing all this now.” Her father’s melanoma diagnosis (Coach Carpenter is doing well, putting on the sunscreen, and now wears protective clothing), along with her own personal skin cancer scare, are motivating forces in her skincare message. “First, wear your sunscreen every day. One thing every patient will hear, whether from Dr. Klenke or our aestheticians, is sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. If the moon is not out, and it’s not nighttime, you need sunscreen.”

Second, it’s never too late to do something about the damage that has been done and to begin taking effective protective measures. “Once you have the sun damage, the damage is there. Ideally, you want to catch it early. A yearly full skin check is always recommended, not just a spot check, because you can get cancer anywhere,” Carpenter said.

Pure Medical Spa’s licensed aestheticians Savanna Dorsey and Stephany Voss take up the mantle of the holistic Pinnacle approach. Making the shift from nursing, Dorsey found her own happy place. “I fell in love with it [aesthetics], because I could put the patient on a regimen and see change. I get to keep in contact as things are changing, and I can educate them on skincare.” Services include exciting new non-surgical options that utilize the latest technology: UltraShape Power permanent fat destruction, Exilis Ultra 360 skin-tightening systems, and vaginal rejuvenation for renewed confidence, as well as permanent makeup, facial treatments, lasers and injectables, soy-based waxing. Skincare lines are carefully selected for their exception properties and outcomes, including Jane Iredale mineral makeup, ZO® Skin Health, Tretinoin (Retin-A)®, Latisse® lashes and Klenke’s own PURE skin care line, specially formulated for the variety of skin types and phases of life seen at Pinnacle.

The Product Room holds Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, ZO Skin Health, and Klenke’s own PURE line, specially formulated for a variety of skin types and phases of life.

The practice’s charitable efforts throughout the year connect Klenke and her team with their patients and with the local community. They work closely with the non-profit DragonBoat Beaufort and annually enter a Pinnacle team boat in the race. In October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they sponsor The Bra Project, inviting local students to custom-design a bra as their art project and write a statement. The bras go on tour throughout the month raising donations. Every December, Blankets for Botox generates donations that surround the Pinnacle holiday tree with blankets, toys, food, and treats, all for the Palmetto Animal League. Donors receive a $50 gift card for their next injectable treatment.

“I love people,” Klenke said. “Every patient is so unique. If a patient has an underlying issue bothering them, or they have a need, it’s about figuring out that little mystery. I enjoy making people feel better about themselves.” Making people feel better and look better … vitality is a most-appropriate word at Pinnacle Plastic Surgery.

Members of the Pinnacle Premier program earn points for every dollar spent on cosmetic procedures. Points can be redeemed on future services at Pure Medical Spa. Bonus points are earned by attending seminars, referring friends, liking them on social media, rebooking appointments, and submitting online reviews.

Pinnacle Plastic Surgery is located at 7 Mallet Way, Bluffton. For more information, please call (843) 815- 6699, or visit pinnacleplasticsurgery.com.

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