April 2018

Editor's Note: April 2018

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

What is a Weekend?

This photo is me, literally jumping for joy after getting this issue to the printer. I’m not sure what you’ve heard about the glamorous life of a magazine editor, but let me assure you, it’s lies. All lies! This career has its ups and down like any other, and because of this very note I am cursed to write every month, I get to relive each day in retrospect, in an attempt to entice you to read past page 28. And, by the way, what is a weekend?

I share the opinion of longtime editor-in-chief Tina Brown, who had this to say about the editor’s note in her new book The Vanity Fair Diaries: “I hate it. It’s impossible to get the right voice when you have to speak for a publication. Whatever you do, it turns into 800 chirpy words reeking of clichés about a ‘telling narrative’ or an ‘insightful profile.’ I have made various attempts to reinvent the form, which have defeated me.”

That is spot on, Tina. Spot. On.

So I will dispense with the chirpy words about insightful profiles and telling narratives (although there are plenty) and direct you to the table of contents for a list of the articles that follow. What I will share with you, however, is how much we enjoyed the adventures leading up to the week where we had to sit at our computers and put it all together.

Our travels took us to the Bluffton Farmers Market, Spring Island, and to tour the HGTV Smart Home in Palmetto Bluff. Our fashion shoots had us spending the day on two beautiful yachts in Harbour Town (thanks, Ken Nugent!) and transforming our studio into a retro set to highlight the fashions of Traveling Chic Boutique.

Did you know our inspired art director Catherine Davies puts a monthly video of our adventures online (and on Facebook, if anyone still uses it)? I encourage you to check it out and have a good laugh at our expense. You never know what might happen at a CH2 photoshoot.

I’d also like to direct your attention to the ad on page 16. We are bringing back CH2’s Bachelorette of the Year contest and are looking for brilliant young women to enter for a chance to win $7,500 and be on the cover of our January 2019 issue. Of course, there are several charity elements to this cause, so if you are a local charitable organization looking for some coverage, I urge you to find someone to nominate! Follow us on Instagram (@ch2hhimag) for sneak peeks of the nominees, coming next month.

Well, dear reader, that is all for now. I hope to see you at the RBC Heritage, presented by Boeing, where we can all raise a glass and say “Cheers to 50 Years!”

Until next month!

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