April 2018

Renovations That Sell: Hot Home Improvements Everybody Wants

Author: Collins Group Realty

It’s undeniable: Buyers today love updated and/or brand new properties. It seems fewer buyers have an appetite for renovating, and they are paying a premium for properties that already feature the latest and greatest finishes and features.

So, here’s our list of upgrades we are seeing on buyers’ wish lists, which might just make your to-do list if you’re considering an update or renovation to your home:

Flooring. You will be amazed at some of the wood-like finishes that can be incorporated from the use of low-maintenance ceramics and vinyl planks.

Wallpaper. Outdated or too much wallpaper can narrow your buyer potential, however, it may be back, as it can add an element of fun and personality to a room. Just don’t overdo it!

Tile. Subway and decorative wall tiles can add excitement, character, and life to bathrooms and backsplashes. And then there is shiplap, of course. We owe thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines of the hit TV show Fixer Upper for this one. Talk about adding some great character to those dull walls.

Technology. The smarter the better! Buyers are getting more and more excited about smart-home technology; many new and fun options are available, not all of which are overly expensive.

Countertops. Quartz is the new granite, and it can really help update a kitchen. If quartz is not in the budget, a quality granite is still a great option to update laminate countertops.

Bigger Showers. Make that shower bigger, and let the water flow. Jetted tubs are no longer a necessity, but if you want to go with a stand-alone tub, make sure you have the space to pull it off.

Minimize. Do you really want all those bookcases and cabinets? Buyers might not, given that TV’s are bigger/flatter/lighter; the days when cabinets were required to shelve a 1000-pound RCA and all your photo albums are definitely over.

Lighting. Some new types of structured and decorative lighting options are available, but don’t forget the dimmers—and again, think about smart-lighting options.

Kitchen Sink. Forget the two-drain divided headaches and go for the larger (single-drain) undermount or a farmhouse style. Be sure to go with pro-style faucets.

Appliances. Stainless steel is still a hit, but don’t overlook a few of the cool alternatives like grey, black-stainless, and glass-front appliances. Smart-appliance technology is another bonus!

Paint Colors. This is where it gets a little personal, so we have to tread lightly, but we are seeing the yellow and beige tones give way to an interesting variety of grey, green and blue shades. That said, some might say that bold colors are coming back, and the options are basically limitless. But always weigh the risk-reward when it comes to making a statement with paint.

Reconfiguring vs. Adding On. Before you invest in that big addition, pause. Larger may not be better. Reconfiguring walls and opening up spaces may give you just what you are after and the open plan that everyone wants.

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