April 2018

Wedding Hair and Makeup in the Lowcountry

Author: Amanda Ellis

Live oaks sprawl across weathered brick paths, leading you to where the bright green strands of marsh grass stretch endlessly into sparkling water for what seems like miles and miles. Sounds like the perfect setting for a Lowcountry event. But when the stickiness of the air makes your coif fall or your foundation slide clean off your face, unfortunately some of the romance can melt away. So I’ve garnered a few tips to help set you up for success whether it’s for your everyday hair and makeup, a night on the town, or a special event:

Primer, moisturizer, and foundation. A makeup look is only as good as what its built on, meaning what goes under it all. These products need to be chosen carefully, depending on your skin type. During the spring and summer months, most of my clients can use a light serum as primer (one of my favorites is from Avene) due to the amount of humidity in the air. Putting on something too heavy will just have you blotting excess moisture and oil. This also applies to sunscreen. In professional makeup application, I use a silicone-based airbrush foundation from Temptu that expands and contracts based on temperature. This will maintain your makeup throughout tears and heat and will keep you dancing into the night.

Products that last. Due to the nature of, well … nature, products such as eyeliners, brow pencils, shadows, and lipsticks that are long-lasting and waterproof are a must. You don’t want to be that girl with the smudged mascara or run-away lipstick. A few of my go-to brands include Makeup Forever Aqua, Anastasia, Senegence, Blinc, and an easy drugstore grab not to miss is NYX. Make sure you get guidance from the on-hand beauty gurus to find items within those lines that will work best for your needs, skin type and makeup skillset.

The final set. I cannot stress this part enough. It’s equally as important as primer. As far as makeup goes, setting powders such as Laura Mercier, NARS and LimeLight can help get rid of any leftover smudging and creases, as well as extend the life of your look. If you can’t be bothered with powder, a spray can help you save time. My personal favorite setting sprays are the ones from Gerard Cosmetics and Urban Decay. This set-it step is also the key to most of my event hairstyles. Using a thermal protectant on a bridal look while you’re styling, in addition to a medium hold hairspray, will extend the way the hair will hold for several hours when compared to only using hairspray. Most of the time, buying a more professional-grade product in this case is absolutely worth the price tag — not only for the health of your hair when styling with hot tools, but also to keep your look picture-perfect in the balmy and breezy beach air.

Just remember, it’s only makeup and hair. It should be fun, not intimidating! Happy styling out there!

Amanda Ellis is lead esthetician at Island Medical Spa and makeup artist and owner of May River, Made Up.

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