March 2018

Windermere Insurance Group: Inherently Exceeding Expectations

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Windermere Insurance Group private client advisors Wendy Harvey and Amy Kinasch

It takes time to build a career where the day-to-day work is a fine-tuned matter of course, and where exceeding client expectations is inherent. Windermere Insurance Group private client advisors Wendy Harvey and Amy Kinasch have reached that place in their careers and have found (or more accurately, have been found) a professional family that supports their aspirations. With a combined 40-plus years of Lowcountry insurance experience, Harvey and Kinasch, were sought out by Windermere to expand the Charlotte-based firm’s footprint to the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton area.

Dan M. Litaker, III, founder and CEO of Windermere Insurance Group established the company with the support of his family and the experience and expertise of three-generations in the insurance business. “I recall him [Litaker] telling the story of breaking away from the family business after 27 years,” Harvey said. “He went to his grandmother and said, this is what I want to do, how do you feel, and she offered full support commenting, I can see you starting it and building a great team.”

For Litaker, building a great team meant hand-selecting the best insurance professionals to grow Windermere on a rock-solid footing, which is where Harvey and Kinasch came in. “We had already worked well as a team elsewhere for many years,” Kinasch said. “When we were offered the opportunity to open our own office, with the opportunity for future ownership in Windermere, we said, let’s consider it.” Harvey and Kinasch opened the Hilton Head Island branch of Windermere in November 2016 and moved into their offices the following February, in the South State Bank building, located at the heart of the island, just off Sea Pines Circle.

The team’s primary focus is on the personal insurance needs of clients who have what would be considered more complex portfolios. “We have clients who may have a home on Hilton Head, a few cars, maybe a home in Colorado or Florida, with different risks and moving parts at each one,” Kinasch said. “Because we are licensed nationwide, we can write all of that together.”

As a group, Windermere also provides commercial coverages and employee benefits packages, all with the support of their Charlotte team. “The staff members supporting us in Charlotte are the best of the best,” Harvey said. “We have our claims handled out of Charlotte, all of our accounting, and the full support of the Charlotte executive team, so we can do what we love here, and can focus on our customers and building relationships with our market reps of the individual companies.”

For Harvey and Kinasch, the day-to-day rewards come when they sit down with individuals and propose risk management strategies that are financially sound, easily managed, and with the assurance that all the potential gaps have been sealed. “I’ve always liked working with people,” Kinasch said. “Since I was young I’ve always been in some type of service industry where I feel I’m helping someone. Everybody needs insurance. We take the time to sit down and explain coverage, and explain policies, and explain why you may need an umbrella policy over your three homes and your autos—something that may have never been explained before. We let people fine-tune their coverages and their policies.”

Harvey and Kinasch find that some potential clients with personal assets from homes to airplanes and hangars, yachts and boat slips, scheduled jewelry and artwork, have their insurance through several local agents across many states. “We may be the first to offer them the opportunity to simplify that,” Harvey said.

“Sometimes we have to do it with multiple carriers. We put it all together and provide the customer one binder with all the policies in it, and they know they have one person to call. Our clients tend to have a lot of moving parts. When we sit down with someone, it’s not just selling them one policy; it’s getting to know them and getting to know what they do in their free time, because there’s definitely some risk management that needs to be discussed there, as well.”

It is the Harvey/Kinasch team’s depth of experience, combined with their commitment to continuing education and keeping up-to-date on the insurance industry’s ever-changing rules and regulations, and Windermere’s long-standing relationship with their carriers, that creates the “win” for their clients. “The ‘win’ isn’t always about earning the policy and having someone place their coverage with us,” Harvey said. Sometimes the win is knowing where to go to verify a flood insurance bill, like a recent client whose policy went from $700 to $6,000 when the latest flood ratings came out. “We can’t fix how your house is rated, but we can make sure that it’s correct.” (This customer got a big refund.) “In some cases, we’ve had huge wins.”

Both longtime Lowcountry residents, Kinasch, her husband, and daughter Wren are island residents. Harvey and her husband live in Bluffton (they met and married in the Marine Corps), have two grown daughters, and one very doted-upon granddaughter. As a team, they are members of the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce and the Hilton Head Area Association of Realtors, where they spend time growing their circle of community-minded connections. “We have been working as a team since 2007, and know we are stronger as a team,” Harvey said. “I think customers appreciate that—knowing if they can’t get me, they can get Amy, and if they can’t get Amy they can get me. That sets us apart.”

This team even works out together. “We go to boot camp at least three days a week, if not more,” Harvey said. “It helps burn off stress, gets our minds straight, and keeps us healthy for our work and our families.”

The Harvey/Kinasch-Windermere vibe is based on trust and inherently exceeding expectations. “Earning someone’s trust is the most exciting part. When they say, I trust Wendy and Amy and Windermere so much that I’m going to pay this amount of money because they’re going to cover one of my largest assets, that’s pretty amazing.”

Windermere Insurance Group is located at 2 Palmetto Bay Road, Suite 200, Hilton Head Island. For more information, please call (843) 341-0080 or visit

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