February 2018

Boys & Girls Club Essay Contest

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Pictured left to right: Leslie Suelke, Jaymeon Chisholm, Amy Ferrer, Camilla Pestana, Ethan Simpson, Ms.Morgan, Monzetrrat Rojas, Carys Riemer, Franchezca Rojas, Jacquelene Ortiz, Katie Godoy, Maria Ibarra,
Andrioly Castillo and Landon Horne

A Note from the Editor
Last month, CH2 magazine asked the members of the Boys & Girls Club of Hilton Head Island to write essays about what love meant to them. The grand prize was $125, with the second-place essay winner receiving $75 and the third place recipient winning $50. Over 15 students participated and the CH2 crew loved reading the children’s submissions about love. After much deliberation, Leslie Grace was chosen as the first place winner, and we are thrilled to share her essay with our readers.


by Leslie Grace

I love my mom more than anyone in the world. She is a multi-tasker super hero. She is my multi-tasking super hero. She is the only one (other than my dog) that I get up in the morning for. If it was not for her I probably would have given up a long time ago. She deserves to be a queen! She is my source of life. Without her I would probably flunk out of school, become an introvert, lose my temper, be miserable twenty four seven, and pretty much fail at life. So as you can probably tell to be a happy person I need my mom. If I did not have my mom when I came home I would and I’m just now realizing this, be a COMPLETELY different person. My mom is my life. Without her again my entire life would be altered. It’s like those weird television episodes where everything is altered when you step threw some weird surface and something one thing is changed and so their entire world will be changed. Yeah like that. So I think you get it by now I absolutely adore my mom. When I wake up in the morning I ONLY wake up because of her. I only go to sleep because I know I will see her in the morning. When you say the word Crystal I think to myself I want to be exactly like my mom Crystal. Anyway, my mom works harder than anybody in our household. She has to do all the chores except for laundry (I do that) and she goes to work everyday no matter what even if she has a stomach bug she still goes to work. It’s absolutely amazing! She’s like all the DC super hero girls put into one! Can you imagine that??? All of them in one! Yep that’s my mom!

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