February 2018

Dial M for Murder: Elevates Suspense to an Art Form

Author: Andrea Gannon | Photographer: TR Media World

Dial M for Murder is a satisfyingly juicy psychological thriller with a plot rife with twists and turns. There’s a wealthy heiress, a love triangle, murder plans that go awry (that’s not a spoiler exactly—you’ll find that out right out of the gate), and a whole lot of fun for fans of this genre, or anyone who appreciates suspense and excitement.

The charming, lovely and loaded wife of Tony, Margot (Amber Bonasso) has no idea that Tony (Ethan Saks) knows of her past affair with their mutual friend Max (Jack Lafferty) …nor does she suspect that Tony is planning to murder her. While Tony was out playing the pro tennis circuit abroad, Max kept Margot entertained at home, so to speak. Tony is seeking revenge and wouldn’t mind his wife’s money as a side benefit.

There’s also a blackmailing scheme that involves a greedy old schoolmate of Tony’s and convicted criminal, Lesgate (Sam Cordes).

The show, Dial M for Murder, began 32 years ago as a 90-minute BBC television special written by English playwright Frederick Knott (also author of Wait Until Dark). It became a long-running smash hit onstage, selling out on both the West End and Broadway. With Knott’s film adaptation, Alfred Hitchcock turned it into a silver screen classic—some say his very best—starring Grace Kelly in the role of Margot.

The thriller has since been in nearly continuous worldwide production and is as exciting and contemporary today as it was at its 1952 debut. Directed by Russell Treyz of New York City, Dial M is being produced at the Arts Center and will run February 6-25.

“There’s never a dull moment,” said Treyz, who is enjoying “immensely” directing this stellar cast of professional actors.

All of the meticulously planned details of the show make the story even more deliciously enticing. Gail Luna is the set designer for the post-modern ’50s era look. Lighting design is by Terry Cermak, adeptly using light and shadow to add drama and suspense. Jack Maisenbach, of NYC, is the costume designer, bringing his lush creations to the life in full, vivid color; audiences may note there’s a foreboding hint of red in every design!

“These are some of the most glorious costumes we’ve ever had at the Arts Center,” said Kathleen Bateson, CEO/president. “Jack has crafted true works of art with these stunning designs.”

Every element of the show combines to make a brilliantly exciting night of theater!

Tickets for preview performances, February 6-8, are $39 for adults and $26 for children 5-15; Regular tickets, February 9-25, tickets are $49 for adults and $36 for children. To purchase, visit artshhi.tickets.com or call (843) 842-ARTS (2787).

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