January 2018

Permanent Cosmetics HHI, Inc.: Wakeup with Makeup

Author: Linda S. Hopkins

Have your eyebrows disappeared? Is your lip line fading into your face? Do you look blank without eyeliner? Chances are you have a drawer full of makeup and a daily beauty routine that sucks up a good hour or more a day. If you are nodding your head yes, get excited now, because you can save yourself time and still look and feel fabulous all day, every day.

Clients of all ages come to Permanent Cosmetics HHI for a variety of reasons. They are professional women, homemakers and moms with hectic schedules. They are older ladies who want to look more vibrant. They are athletes or beachgoers who want to avoid makeup meltdown.

Enter Sarah Rhoads
It was just four years ago when board-certified micropigmentation practitioner Sarah Rhoads packed up her 12 years of training and experience in the cosmetics and beauty industry, moving from Dayton, Ohio to the Lowcountry to blaze a new trail. With two children in tow, little money, a lot of moxie and a plan, she purchased an existing permanent cosmetics business (Dermacolor) and set out to earn the reputation she enjoys today.

Ladies from coast to coast are flocking to this young woman’s chair at the Sun Gate location of Island Medical Spa in Okatie, because they have seen her work and appreciate her dedication to client relationships and customer satisfaction. As I sit with her over an afternoon cup of coffee, flipping through her portfolio of over 3,000 cosmetic procedures she has performed, it’s clear that she is, indeed, the bomb diggity.

Seems that sparse or missing eyebrows are a problem for many people, and Rhoads offers an alternative to the daily ritual of painting them on with pencils, powders and gel. Her technique, called microblading, creates tiny hair-like strokes that build a 3D, natural-looking brow. From consultation to completion, her process is meticulous and precise, assuring the client of a picture-perfect result that is never too dark, too thick or too harsh.

In addition to brows, Rhoads provides a variety of permanent cosmetic solutions, including lips, eyeliner, scar camouflage, areola repigmentation, and more. The diverse needs of her clients and the different “canvases” make her work both exciting and rewarding, Rhoads said. She takes pride in her artistry and ability to create an effortless, natural look that enhances the client’s beauty: “I don’t do fads; I do what suits the face.”

Whatever your beauty concerns, you can count on Rhoads to steer you in the right direction and not push extra services on you. “Do it when you need to, not just because,” she said. She also prefers to build the color to achieve each client’s optimal result. The cost of most procedures includes two visits so that she can see how you heal and go back and refine your look accordingly, she explained.

Rhoads has settled in permanently now, recently purchasing a home in Bluffton and declaring that she is officially, “married to” the area. “It has been a gift to be welcomed and trusted to work on the beautiful women of the Lowcountry,” she said. “This is my dream come true—doing what I love.”

Imagine waking up with your makeup already done! Call today for a free consultation.

Permanent Cosmetics HHI, Inc. is at Island Medical Spa’s Sungate location, 10 William Pope Dr., Suite 4 in Okatie. For more information, please visit permanentcosmetics hhi.com; follow on Facebook at PCHiltonHead; or call (843) 422-4141.

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