January 2018

Harbor Point Dentistry

Author: Barry Kaufman

Smile and the world smiles with you. But if you’re going to get the world smiling, you first need to have confidence in your own smile.

Dr. Elizabeth Abell gets that. It’s part of why she went into dentistry in the first place. Growing up in Macon, Georgia, she was surrounded by a support system of friends and family in the dental profession, from dentists to endodontists, who mentored her as she built her passion for amazing smiles.

After earning her BS and MS in Biology, she took this lifelong pursuit to the Medical College of Georgia, where she received a Doctorate in Dental Medicine. But the degrees are merely evidence of a passion for dentistry that goes far beyond a checkup and a cleaning.

“I have a few patients who exhibit dental anxiety based on childhood experiences. Not only do I provide quality dentistry, I always make it a personal goal that my patients no longer dread their dentist appointment,” she said.

You generally don’t think about a dentist’s bedside manner, but one visit with Dr. Abell will prove what a world of difference it can make. This abiding concern for her patients’ welfare stems partially from her own passion for dentistry, but it also comes from a life-changing event that changed how Dr. Abell views her practice.

“At 29, I went through an illness and subsequent treatment,” she said. “I met many doctors during that time and it made quite an impression on me. I learned so much about the impact of bedside manner when treating an anxious patient. It changed how I pursue my practice and how I treat my own patients.”

Not only does Dr. Abell put an emphasis on her patients’ comfort and peace of mind, she also provides each patient the full array of options available. “In almost any situation or level of oral health, there are treatment options that are not invasive. We can take a conservative approach,” she said. “We address chief concerns first and go from there.”

Part of her approach centers on what she calls “smile makeovers,” which combine her skills as a dentist with her wide artistic streak (when she’s not at the office, you can find her working with her hands, crafting exquisite jewelry). Dr. Abell combines cutting edge techniques, state-of-the-art materials, and years of experience to allow her to provide her patients with the smile they’ve always wanted.

This is on top of Dr. Abell’s other specialties, from bridges, crowns, and dentures to veneers and general checkups. She also offers an array of periodontal treatments and can help those suffering from TMJ/TMD. But even those just looking to keep their smile looking its best will see what a difference her bedside manner and care for her patients can make.

“Even with good oral health and hygiene, we all have occlusal wear,” she said. “As we age, it can present as discoloration; it can present as fracture lines, a chipped incisal edge and crowding of anterior teeth… I’m one to provide every option available.”

The result is a smile that will have the whole world smiling with you.

Harbor Point Dentistry is located at the Bluffton-Okatie Outpatient Surgery Center, 40 Okatie Center Blvd., South, Suite 302. For more information, visit harborpointdentistry.com or call (843) 706-9662 for an appointment.

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