January 2018

Cristina Chalk Rizk: A Healthy Outlook for the New Year

Author: Kitty Bartell

Embarking on a medical mission to India after earning her physician assistant degree, Cristina Chalk Rizk had the feeling her work may have done more harm than good. “We went to help women and children, but were shunned,” she said of the group of all females and their attempt to help women where society and religion often blur lines and cloister populations. While part of the journey felt like a failure, Rizk would later learn about the Moringa tree, indigenous to the region. Since researching and experiencing the benefits of nature’s most nutritious plant, she hoped to be part of something more beneficial in the area of India she once visited.

Currently, Rizk is an independent distributor with Zija International, the company leading the natural health revolution with products that naturally nourish (Core Moringa), naturally restore (Ameo Essential Oils) and naturally condition (Ripstix Fitness supplements). Unlike other Moringa-based products, Zija uses all of the most beneficial parts of the tree, resulting in a line of high-quality, nutritionally-charged products.

A fulltime Lowcountry resident since 2003, Rizk’s own philosophy is rooted in simplicity. “Keep it simple is something I heard the first day of PA school, and it really inspired me,” she said. It has been a constant reminder to not make things complicated and something she relied on throughout her eight years of practice as a PA. Taking some time off after her second child, she found the need for a creative outlet. That’s when The Chalk in Me came to be, she said. A play on her maiden name and the simplicity of chalk itself, “The Chalk in Me, is channeling a time when less was more,” she said.

“For my own health and wellness, and that of my family, I started looking into essential oils. I extensively researched my options and chose Ameo because they are the only clinical grade essential oils on the market,” Rizk said. “I immediately started noticing benefits and began making products to share with others.” This led to KISS Beauty: Keep it Simply Simple, a line of homemade bath and beauty products that are sold locally at Louette Boutique and through her Etsy store, thechalkinme.

It was straight forward making the connection between her years as a general practitioner, her philosophy of natural simplicity and promoting the health benefits of Moringa. “Moringa offers ninety-plus vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and more—all things your cells need to function. I’m passionate about sharing this as many don’t realize the importance nutrition has on our health and wellness. I continue to be inspired because of the amazing benefits I’ve seen like weight management, less aches and pains, more energy, improvement in lab work, and less need for prescription medications, to name a few. Just from simply consuming Moringa.”

Starting the new year with an eye toward natural health, Rizk is perfectly positioned to guide clients to their own achievable levels of well-being.

To schedule a consultation, please call (843) 338-6294 or email thechalkinme@gmail.com. For more information, visit thechalkinme.myzija.com.

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