January 2018

Bikram: Hot Yoga Hilton Head

Author: Justin Jarrett

At a balmy 108 degrees, Bikram Hot Yoga Hilton Head bills itself as the hottest place on the island, and they are cranking it up another notch. The four-year-old studio’s newest offering is Inferno Hot Pilates, a craze that began in Las Vegas in 2009 and offers a class that blends the detoxifying total body workout of Bikram Hot Yoga and the high-intensity, heart-pumping thrill of CrossFit, but without the high-impact pounding.

The 60-minute Inferno Hot Pilates classes feature a different workout each time, sometimes focusing on arms, legs, abs, or cardio, and use creative lighting and upbeat music to provide motivation. That’s a departure from the 90-minute Bikram classes that are all about routine and always focus on the same 26 postures and two breathing exercises.

“Bikram is hard work,” said studio owner Brandon Irvin. “It’s a life-changing practice that’s very different than CrossFit or even going to the gym. It’s serious—there’s no talking, no music; it’s regimented. Pilates is a great complement to the yoga that’s a lot more on the fun side.”

Irvin opened Bikram Hot Yoga Hilton Head four years ago after recognizing the need for a local studio while visiting his parents in Bluffton. He found himself traveling to Savannah or Charleston to practice during his trips to the Lowcountry and figured there were plenty of other visitors in his shoes.

The studio has turned into a family affair. Irvin’s 69-year-old mother and nine-year-old daughter are regulars, and he says Bikram is a practical way for anyone to optimize their health. The systematic approach is designed to work the whole body, improving flexibility and strength, healing and preventing injuries, toning and defining muscles, relieving stress, and improving mental focus in the process.

“It is as intense as you make it,” Irvin said. “One person can do 1 percent of the posture and another person can do 99 percent, and both people get 100 percent of the benefit.”

Bikram also is a great complement to sports such as running, tennis, or golf, Irvin said, and will help anyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors take their game to the next level.

While Irvin’s studio caters to beginners, he says a longtime yogi who has never tried Bikram will find a more comprehensive form of the activity that engages nine systems of the body to leave the practitioner feeling refreshed and energized.

That’s precisely what hooked Irvin when he stumbled into a Bikram hot yoga class in 2008. Although he thought he was in peak condition, Irvin found himself challenged by the 26 postures and was determined to keep going back.

“The effects were profound,” he said. “My body changed to the point where I started eliminating any aches and pains and my mind started changing in the sense that I was able to convert my limiting beliefs to limitless beliefs. I accomplished things that I thought were never possible.”

Bikram Hot Yoga Hilton Head is located at 10 Executive Park Rd., Suite 101, Hilton Head Island. For more information, visit bikramhh.com or call (843) 689-9642.

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