December 2017

Sippin Cow Café & Grill: Taking Tasty to the Next Level

Author: Kitty Bartell

Making a great meatloaf is a matter of course for Peter Russo, Bluffton’s Sippin Cow chef—a James Beard Featured Chef and graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York City: one hundred percent ground beef (maybe a little bacon for good measure), resting the loaf after the eggs and bread crumbs are added to allow them to soften, an individual loaf for each diner with an indent in the center where Russo cracks a fresh egg just before it is finished cooking, and a sprinkling of shredded Cheddar. By all means, elevated—the buzzword heard daily at owner Christy Pinski’s iconic Old Town eatery.

“I don’t want to change the Cow, but I needed somebody who could come in and take things to the next level,” Pinski said. Customers can still count on finding their favorite breakfast and lunch menu items right alongside noticeably elevated daily specials, a renewed focus on using high quality ingredients, and the same neighborly atmosphere.

“I like it here because you kind of get to know everybody and what they like to eat,” Russo said. “I love the people. This is a friend-and-family kind of place where everybody knows everybody.”

Sippin Cow’s fourth owner since it first opened in 2001, Pinski has established herself as an integral part of the neighborhood after purchasing the eatery in 2010 and moving from their original location on May River Road to The Promenade in 2016, where business is booming. With the addition of Russo this past summer, Sippin Cow is clearly striding in a most delicious direction.

Showcasing their elevated culinary presence, Sippin Cow began hosting limited pop-up dinners in October. “For one evening only, we did a five-course oyster dinner during the seafood festival,” Russo said. Featuring local May River oysters, Russo presented dishes that included oysters on the half-shell with sweet onion apple mignonette, oysters Rockefeller, oyster chowder, Parmigiano-Reggiano parsley panko-crusted fried oysters and pickled radish slaw, finishing with a sumptuous oyster pot pie.

November’s pop-up grew to two evenings and featured an all-game menu, including a turducken and stuffed quail. The December event is expected to highlight small plates of winter comfort food. Sippin Cow regulars and their Facebook community are the first know about these exclusive events, and once they have reservations for the limited seating, the event is considered sold out. TIP: become a Sippin Cow Facebook friend…quickly.

Applying their increasingly creative culinary viewpoint to Sippin Cow catering, Russo and Pinski are elevating events across the Lowcountry from deli offerings to elegant weddings and special events. “When Christy shared her goals for the coming five years, I got very intrigued,” Russo said. “She’s ready to increase catering and up the level and expectation of the food across the entire menu.”

By all means, it’s time to find out just how delicious, elevated can be.

Sippin Cow is located at 36 Promenade Street, Bluffton. For more information, please call (843) 757-5051 or visit

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