December 2017

The Law Offices of David Parker Geis, LLC

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In 1968, family law attorney David Parker Geis went from Vietnam-era military service directly into law school, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree, followed by a Master of Law degree. Mr. Geis stated, “I started out as a confidential law clerk in New York. Then I joined a New York City law firm. As a clerk working in the matrimonial area, I gained the insight and experiences to go into matrimonial law. It is an area of law that, if you can maintain your balance, you can do a tremendous amount of good for your clients.”

While in the judicial system, Geis grew to understand the importance of balance. “As a law clerk, writing decisions and being in the courtroom, you come to understand that many litigants have little knowledge of the parameters of their case and what would be a fair resolution. Parties usually have different views of fairness, some with an inflated sense of what can be accomplished, and others with a diminished sense of self-worth sell themselves short. As their legal counselor, I advise the client of the realistic parameters of the case, advice which they often do not want to hear.”

Custody is the most emotionally demanding part of any family law practice. “I like people. Most of all, I am protective of the kids. Joint custody ideally involves joint decision making for their children and shared custodial time with their children, so that one parent does not become a mere visitor, and that enough time is spent by both parties as parents, not just visiting time. While financial issues have always had an influence on custody disputes, the implementation of child support guidelines have increased the involvement of financial issues in custody disputes, sometimes to the detriment of the best interests of the children. Encouraging the client to maintain a balanced view for the best interests of their children, I believe is an important function of the attorney,” Geis said.

Moving to the Lowcountry in 2000 to practice family law, Geis became the president of the Beaufort County Bar and was chairman of the Family Law Council of the South Carolina Bar. “That experience working with some of the leading matrimonial lawyers in the state was priceless. As a family lawyer, I understand that the best results for my client can be accomplished through negotiation and settlement. However, at times, the emotionally charged atmosphere of divorce makes this a challenge and sometimes impossible. Family law litigation necessitates a wide-ranging area of skills, and I owe a thanks to my colleagues who have enriched that knowledge.”

Passionate about his work, Geis even makes his recreation time an extension of his profession. “I’m also known in my neighborhood as the guy with the big white dog. I run with my pal all the time—half Great Dane, half English Pointer—three to five miles just about every day, and I also go to the gym. My hobby is keeping in shape.”

These days, even though Geis spends fewer long days in the courtroom, he maintains that, “if you’re going to be an attorney and be involved in litigation, you must stay in shape, mentally and physically. Running is a good substitute for a bottle of wine. I think I might get some pushback on that.”

Maintaining his balance and being laser focused on who he represents, why he represents them, and how he can best serve them, David Parker Geis, Esq. is doing a tremendous amount of good.

The Law Offices of David Parker Geis, LLC are located at 18 Pope Avenue, Hilton Head Island and 7 Plantation Park Drive, Suite 3, Bluffton. For more information, please call (843) 715-0661 or visit

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