December 2017

Bluffton Lash Lounge: The Eyes Have It

Author: Lynnie Leavenworth | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

One of the best compliments is when someone says, “You look wonderful. What have you been doing?” Had a little ‘work’ done? Lost a few pounds? New haircut? Eating paleo-vegan-dairy-free-gluten-free? No, you’ve been to Bluffton Lash Lounge; the new look of your beautiful eyes is a game-changer that’s getting you noticed.

Coming into their third year of business, owners Jenifer Locklair and Bethany James are working hard and having a great time growing their successful eyelash extension business, and giving new energy to the expression, “batting your lashes.”

Active in the spa/personal care business for many years here in the Lowcountry, Locklair and James had worked together and were neighbors in Bluffton, when one evening over a glass of wine, Locklair suggested they go out on their own. James was a couple steps ahead of her, having already looked at commercial real estate possibilities. “The next thing you know, we had a long list of all the things we were going to need,” Locklair said.

“Jenifer had a massage table, and I had a dryer,” James said. “We knew that we had different things we could bring together to get started, and once the business got busier we could get more of the things we needed.”

Starting out in a small studio space on Bluffton Parkway, it wasn’t long before business was booming and they found their way to the darling cottage shop they now occupy on May River Road. Merging a bohemian vibe with the calming aesthetic of a lovely spa, Bluffton Lash Lounge is welcoming on every level, from the wide front porch where lingering for a chat or just hanging out is encouraged, to the comfortable, soothing treatment rooms. “We want people to come in and get that feel, and relax and take a breather,” Locklair said. “We create a lot of good energy here.”

In addition to their lash extension treatments, Bluffton Lash Lounge also offers facial waxing, lash and eyebrow tinting, and threading. Professionally licensed in all areas of the services they provide, selecting the best products is a key component to the building of their dedicated following. Learning the mechanics of lash extension application earlier in their careers, Locklair and James selected NovaLash as the primary provider of lashes for their clients. A leader in semi-permanent, individual lash bonding, the partners trained with NovaLash and are licensed and certified technicians for this pioneering lash line.

Award-winning, long-lasting, pharmaceutical grade adhesives have earned NovaLash its reputation as one of the healthiest eyelash extension systems. “NovaLash’s glue is completely different from everybody else,” Locklair said. “It’s oil-resistant, and you can get them wet immediately; you can go work out right away. We cure them with a dryer and distilled water. You can wash your face with oil and they won’t come off. The NovaLash cleansing pads have mineral oil and pomegranate seed oil, which makes the lashes shiny and stay on better.”

“Oil makes the bond stronger,” James added. “When people have them on and they start to get crusty, it’s because of a lack of oil. We tell people to use coconut oil to remove makeup and to moisturize the lashes.”
Once a full set of NovaLash lashes is applied, Locklair and James suggest a regular maintenance schedule. “Our lashes will fall out with your natural lash, so they don’t just fall off,” James said. “We recommend a fill every two to three weeks. Of course, each person is different. We have women who come in every four weeks, but they just have a slower lash cycle.”

Ranging in size from 8mm to 15mm in length, an array of colors, and three primary thicknesses, each customer’s look is completely customizable. “Most of our clients go with black, but we have lots of colors—blue, purple, green, pink—and we have some glittery ones too,” Locklair said. “Volume lashes are the latest thing, where we can apply multiple lashes on each of your single lashes—three, four, five on each lash.”

If lovely, lush lashes weren’t enough of a benefit, lash extensions are good for the health of your eyes, as well. Eyelash curlers and mascaras are rough on eyes and eyelashes, and with extensions, the need for these is eliminated. It is okay, however, to use mascara, and the lash lounge team advocates a particular formulation. A combination of glycols and carbonates are in nearly all mascaras (you won’t find them on the ingredient list), and this combo breaks down adhesives. “Instead of getting just any mascara, we offer one that has less of that,” James said. “It does have it, but less of it. We have two that we sell—one with a serum in it, and one without the serum. Serum just makes your natural lash grow and last longer.”

A great deal of research and care also went into the selection of their waxing product. “Our wax is soy-based,” Locklair said. “It doesn’t adhere to the skin as much as other waxes, and there’s just one temperature setting. It takes about one minute to heat up, and the whole container gets warm, instead of heating it from the bottom, which can burn the wax. It gets warm all the way through, and it’s the perfect temperature.” The team has plans to add additional services to their waxing menu, and they encourage clients to let them know what they are looking for, because things are always evolving at Bluffton Lash Lounge.

Taking a deep breath following a very full spring and summer season, kicking off the fall with Halloween, and continuing through the holidays, the Bluffton Lash Lounge team is busy, busy, busy. From enhancing a fabulous Halloween costume, to enjoying the carefree glamour of spectacular lashes through family gatherings and holiday celebrations, batting their lashes, clients will certainly be hearing, “You look wonderful. What have you been doing?”

Bluffton Lash Lounge is located at 1253 May River Road, Cottage D, Bluffton. For more information, please call (843) 290-1192 or find and friend Bluffton Lash Lounge on Facebook.

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