November 2017

Lawton Stables: Home Sweet, Equine Home

Author: Kitty Bartell

Known for its extraordinary real estate—oceanside, harborside, golf, wooded, and lagoon views—Hilton Head Island is an exceptional place to call home, and that isn’t only for the human set; the equine residents at Lawton Stables have a rather fine address as well. The elegant buildings and remarkable facilities that make up the stables, located in the heart of Sea Pines Resort, offer a place to call home for up to 19 fortunate stable dwellers, along with a collection of friendly barnyard animals, a herd of trail horses, and Harley the Clydesdale, who welcomes visitors, and carrots, and photo opportunities daily.

Under the direction of general manager Haley Zimmerman, Lawton Stables is certainly one of the finest facilities of its kind, and offers a rare opportunity for horse owners to house their animals where attention to every detail is managed to maintain a happy, healthy herd. It begins with boarding facilities where the stalls are cleaned multiple times throughout the day and the horses are turned-out in fully-irrigated grass paddocks, Zimmerman explained. And that is only the beginning. Specialized attention is given to every aspect of the care and keeping of each horse.

Consideration is given to individualized diets, providing the finest Timothy Orchard Hay for feeding throughout the day, along with specifically selected grains. Owner preferences are always welcomed, and much-needed consistency is provided by Zimmerman’s team. “Horses are very routine-oriented animals,” she said. Whether it’s exercising a horse at a specific time of day when its owner is away, measuring and providing feed and hay, on-call veterinary care, or vaccinations, every aspect of each horse’s needs are met.

A graduate of The University of Findlay, majoring in equine studies and equine business, along with several years of stable experience, Zimmerman is immersed in every facet of her stable’s operation. “There’s really nothing I won’t do here,” she said. “I’m happy to meet with potential boarders and give tours. If we need someone to jump in on a trail ride, I can do that. Earlier today, we had a rush on pony rides, so I was doing pony rides. If we get a load of hay (during the busy season, Lawton Stables takes delivery of 16 tons of hay twice a month), I’ll unload the hay.”

Owner Didi Summers has brought Lawton Stables to the pinnacle of fine boarding and guest experience. With new footing in both arenas, the training facilities are as safe and easy to use as possible. “Ours is a good all-weather footing. We crown each arena, providing excellent drainage,” Zimmerman said. “When it rains, our boarders are able to ride almost immediately. We manicure the footing and drag it almost every day.”

Grass fields and 606 acres of riding trails provide Lawton Stables residents and visitors access to the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. Whether visiting the stables or the small animal farm as a guest or a stable resident, Zimmerman and her team provide a welcoming, professional experience not to be missed. And the view is not bad either.

Space is currently available for future residents at Lawton Stables, located at 190 Greenwood Drive, Hilton Head Island. For more information, please call (843) 671-2586 or visit

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