October 2017

Fresh Fall Updates: Living Room

Author: Anne Hagerty

Fall is here, and it’s a great time to freshen up your interiors. There are many ways to update your living room without a total re-haul and ordering all new furniture. Here are some of my favorite tips:
Swap out throw pillows and blankets. If you have neutral upholstery, simply adding new pillows to your sofa or arm chairs can give them a fresh, new look. Add a Pendleton or plaid wool throw blanket on the back of a chair, and poof! Updated upholstery.

Clean out the clutter in your bookcases. Less is more in bookcases. I find that bookcases tend to be cluttered with more and more over time in my clients’ homes. To “re-do” them, I like taking everything off the shelves and starting over. Family photos are great, but keep them to a minimum—preferably black and white and no smaller than 5×7. Add a few new accessories, and donate old and tired ones. Rotating out a few seasonal items keeps it interesting—just don’t get too seasonal. A birch branch or real pumpkins can feel very fall-ish. Stay away from the plastic botanical décor, please.

Rethink your coffee table. Keeping your coffee table simple and decluttered is important, too. A few stacks of coffee table books and a beautiful bone box to store your remote controls is a great place to start. I also love a tray to keep items organized—maybe go orange in fall for a pop of color.

Update art. I love rotating my art. Simply reframing an older, beloved watercolor can give it a whole new life. Love that painting in your bedroom? Try moving it to the living room; you might find that it works even better there. I take the same approach to rotating art as I do redecorating bookcases. Take down your favorite pieces and move them all around. It’s amazing how art can transform a space.

Layer rugs. We love our sisal and natural fiber rugs in the Lowcountry. Layering a cowhide or small antique rug on top of an existing rug in the living room can add texture and a punch of warmth for the fall. Don’t overthink it. It’s fine to bring in new colors, and there’s no formula for sizes when it comes to layering. So, throw one down and enjoy it.

Anne Hagerty is the principal at Anne Hagerty Interiors in Savannah, Ga. and owner of Abode Fine Home Furnishings in Old Town Bluffton. For more information, visit annehagertyinteriors.com or abodesc.com or call (843) 815-3322.

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