August 2017

C2 Fashion: Frocks and Finery for the work place

Author: Kim Molloy | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Dressing “The Part”
Living on an island sometimes affords an opportunity for a more relaxed work wardrobe than might be required in a big city. However, depending on your line of work, you still need to consider dressing “the part.” In most professional office work environments, err on the side of conservative. Stay away from sequins, flip flops, strappy tops, low-cut dresses—anything too relaxed or too provocative. It just makes you look unprofessional. I tend to use the balance rule: If the arms are exposed, cover the legs; if the legs are exposed, cover the arms. By this, I don’t mean fully, but at least by half.

Stylish Multitasker
Gretchen Scott Loop De Lu Dress – $168,
Laser Cut Tote: $68,
Sacha London shoes – $148,
Julie Vos Green Key Aqua Ring – $168,
Julie Vos Byzantine Bracelet – $338,
Julie Vos Earrings – $145,
Julie Vos Tivoli Pendant – $288,
Julie Vos Necklace – $325
Available at Birdie James

Coordinated Executive
Paule Ka Tri Color Dress – $955,
Tory Burch Duet Chain Convertible Handbag – $475,
Tory Burch Elizabeth Pump – $275,
B. Carre Earrings – $60
Available at Porcupine

Structured Contractor
Karen Carroll Designs Necklace – $225,
Gold Earrings – $85,
Gabor Sacchetto Pumps – $215,
Foxcroft Blouse – $85,
209 Wst Vest – $95, Pants – $95
Available at Palmettoes

Friday Founder
Lauren James Blue Oxford Dress – $125,
Chinese Laundry Shoes – $99,
Clutch – $29,
Bracelets – $16.99/each & $29/each,
Love, Poppy Earrings – $29,
Love, Poppy Necklace – $49
Available at Too Belles

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