May 2017

Words of Widsom

Author: Becca Edwards

We tend to over-explain and over-reason. For example, “Mom, can I go ride my bike?” “No.” “Why?” “Because it’s raining, it’s dark out, you need bug spray, no one is out there to watch you, the moon is full, it’s a school night, I don’t want you to fall and get hurt and end up in the hospital and blah, blah, blah.” Sometimes the answer is just: “Because I said so!”
—Dana Ely Jaquiss

We take so many more pictures than our parents did. Take them. Mark the moments, small or big, then put down the camera or phone and enjoy the moments. Also, remember to look at those pictures with your kids. It’s so nice to look at memories and talk about them. Show them how many blessings came from this year or last year. Say to them, “Remember when you did that or this? You were so brave!” or “Wasn’t that vacation special?”
—Holly Matteo

You know more than any parenting book and stay the “fetch” away from Google for at least one year. Google is evil. Google will tell you that you’re not a good mom. Google does not know your baby any better than you do, and neither does some couch commando on the Internet. No one knows your child better than you do.
—Carrie Lamkin

Being a mom is like watching your heart run around outside your body. Enjoy the ride and remain a trampoline upon which your children can fall. Be even tempered so they can safely express their raw emotions and listen to what they feel.
—Jocelyn Ann Evans

Let your home be a safe haven, where mistakes can be made and mercy given. Where else in the world could/would that happen? Home equals a place of mercy, grace and love.
—Wendy Matthews Methvin

Hands down, the best piece of parenting advice I’ve ever gotten and words I try to live by: “Never get so busy trying to raise great kids that you forget you already have them.”
—Charlie Clark

Pick your battles. If you freak out, get angry, overreact (or even react) to every little thing they do as they are finding their way (or testing you), they’ll never have any perspective of what really is important, inappropriate, wrong or upsetting. Mom must be able to put things in proper perspective if her kids are ever going to be able to do so. I always tried to keep the “mom guns” holstered unless I really, really, really needed to use them. But do not hesitate to use them when you need to!
—Terry Hoffman Bergeron

I always loved this analogy: “Children are like kites—you have to keep giving them more string to learn and make mistakes, but always be there to reel them back in!”
—Donna DeLia D’Amico

Appreciate good sitters and don’t fear the teenagers. They are young and energetic and become a part of the family.
—Alicia Dickson Daly

We like to quote Warren Buffet in our house: “I want to give my kids enough so that they could feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing.”
—Deena Paradiso

Never gloat as a parent. It will always come back and bite you in the ass.
—Annie Weitzman Kandel

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