May 2017

Small-Town Firm, Big-City Service: After 200 years, Vaux Marscher Berglind’s story just getting started

Author: Barry Kaufman | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

The first member of the Vaux family to practice law, Roberts Vaux, passed the bar exam in 1808. When his great-great-great-great grandson was studying for the exam in 2008, he needed a little motivation. And that’s why Tabor Vaux wrote on a Post-it note on his desk: “200 Years: Don’t [mess] it up now.”

Fortunately for the family business, Tabor did not mess it up. Having graduated from The Citadel and Charleston School of Law, Tabor became the latest in a string of Vaux men to pass the bar, going back two centuries. Fortunately for him, a career in the law wasn’t just about making the family proud.
“That’s the reason I went to the college I did. I went to the Citadel knowing that if I didn’t have the discipline to make it there, I wouldn’t be able to graduate from law school,” Tabor said. “It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.”

That passion for the law may stretch back to that 1808 achievement by the original Roberts Vaux, but it has been brought to bear by each generation in turn. Eventually, another Roberts Vaux would open his own firm in 1973, establishing the first in the region under the guiding principle that even in small-town Bluffton, everyone should have access to competent legal representation. Tabor is the latest Vaux in the firm, having joined in 2012 after a few years in the 14th judicial circuit’s solicitor’s office.

Thanks, in part, to that long family history, the name Vaux Marscher Berglind is synonymous with legal representation all over the Lowcountry from its charming circa-1902 cottage along May River Road. But don’t be fooled by its rustic façade—Vaux Marscher Berglind is a powerhouse law firm.

“When the firm started, we had somewhat of a small-town firm feel where we had to do everything,” Tabor said. “Now, we’ve separated it out, allowing lawyers to focus on different areas.”

For example, Tabor focuses his practice on personal injury law. His father continues in general litigation and real estate, among other areas. Other attorneys at the firm focus on areas such as real estate, estate planning or criminal defense, among a dozen other areas of practice.

“We have different lawyers with different practice areas as opposed to one lawyer trying to do everything,” said partner Mark Berglind. “If we don’t think we’re the best people to represent you, we’ll put you with the person who is.”

The first of his family to practice law (“I was raised by doctors,” he said), Berglind realized his passion for the legal world early on. “I knew by junior year in high school that’s what I wanted to do,” he said. “It led me to Clemson, where I majored in political science.

Berglind attended law school at the University of South Carolina School of Law. A move to Bluffton followed, where Berglind found himself practicing for a law firm defending government agencies in the area. He joined Vaux Marscher Berglind on St. Patrick’s Day 2008, where he now focuses on personal injury and workers compensation cases. “When I came in, I was doing sort of a ‘kitchen sink practice,’” he said. “I’d in be in four to five different courts a week, whether family, probate, general sessions, or circuit court.”

With both lawyers focusing on personal injury, and with the full staff at Vaux Marscher Berglind dedicating themselves to a wide array of legal specialties, it’s clear that this small-town law firm carries big city appeal.
“We’re trying to keep that delicate balance of taking on more cases and spreading our wings a bit,” Berglind said. “Our office is a house that was built in 1902, so it very much has that small-town feel, and we want to keep that as part of our identity.”

Vaux Marscher Berglind, PA is located at 1251 May River Rd., Bluffton.

As their website says, Vaux Marscher Berglind, P.A., are the local attorneys offering big-firm services. Their offices may be in Old Town, but their 100 years of combined experience assures two things: first, that Roberts Vaux’s original mission to provide everyone with competent legal representation is very much alive and well; second, that in the hands of this up-and-coming generation of young attorneys, the promise of that Post-it note has not been forgotten.

Vaux Marscher Berglind, PA is located at 1251 May River Rd., Bluffton. For more information, visit or call (843) 757-2888.

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