May 2017

Tim Drake Takes It Home: All Saints Garden Tour Features “A Labor of Love”

Author: Lisa Carroll | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Tim Drake is a landscape enhancement designer and business developer for The Greenery, Inc. He is well-respected and in demand for his landscape designs that help transform local residential properties into beautiful places. So, what happens at Drake’s home after a day at work helping others? The passion for a beautiful yard and a variety of plants and color continues.

In his own yard, Drake is much more hands-on. In fact, he just planted hundreds of flowers and plants in preparation for the All Saints Episcopal Church Garden Tour which happens in May. “It’s not spectacular yet, but it will be by the time the tour happens on May 20,” he said. “We planted all the seasonal color from 7:30 in the morning to 7:15 at night,” he added with a chuckle. Drake’s yard has a reputation for being quite beautiful and will be one of the highlights of the seven-garden tour.

How did Drake get the gardening bug? “As a child, I always helped my mother plant her coleus and marigolds and vegetables, and found it to be fun,” he said. Drake started college studying chemical engineering, but after taking an introductory to landscape architecture course, found that landscaping gave him more satisfaction. “It gives me the chance to mix plants, math, art, and being outside—a little bit of everything I love to do—and it keeps me out of trouble,” he said.

Now, back to those hundreds of plants he just planted. Like many people, Drake had to deal with the loss of trees in his yard after Hurricane Matthew. Flowers, shrubs, and more were required to fill the bare spots in his yard. Like many local homeowners, he found areas that were once shady were now in full sun, so his plantings required some re-thinking and re-doing. “This was God’s way of saying, ‘Hey, do something different out there,’” he said. “I may find one or two more things that I’ll pop in here and there, but it’s pretty much done for the time being. You have to get things in as early as possible so they become established and stable.”

One of the reasons Drake participates in the garden tour is the chance to talk plants with other gardeners. As a landscape designer at The Greenery (one of the garden tour sponsors), he is the expert. But on the tour unless you know his background, he’s just another person who loves getting dirt on his hands. He also feels strongly about the money the tour raises for local charity. All proceeds from the 2017 All Saints Garden Tour will be donated to the Antioch Education Center, Backpack Buddies of Bluffton, Backpack Buddies of Hilton Head, Hilton Head Safe Harbour, St. Stephen’s UMC Outreach Food Pantry and The Literacy Center. This is the thirtieth annual garden tour, featuring seven unique gardens, including Drake’s in Spanish Wells. Three of the gardens are on Hilton Head Island and four are in Bluffton. Included in the price of the ticket ($35) is a delicious luncheon, two master gardeners on site to answer questions, original art work for sale, a craft boutique, live music, and an opportunity for fellowship with old friends and new.

Drake’s garden of distinction on the tour is titled “A Labor of Love.” It is the perfect description for his passion for gardening, for plants and for helping others. Drake can be reached through The Greenery at (843) 785-3848 or 

All Saints Garden Tour will be held May 20 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. For tickets and more information, call (843) 689-9495 or visit

  1. Tim is very nice person and great worker, he create beautiful gardens. Good job, and labor too.

    — Jackson Perez    May 6, 08:38 am   

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