August 2007

Color Your World Happy at "Jamaican Me Crazy"

Author: Linda S. Hopkins

A sea of sunny color swirls around you—red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, purple, fuchsia… Thoughts become multi-colored fragments as patterns seem to pulsate from the walls: brilliant flowers, bold geometrics and cheery beach motifs. Time is a spiral. Worries melt away in a cloud of euphoria. The world is suddenly lighter and brighter, as reality drifts off to a distant corner, your shoulders sigh and your mind goes on vacation.

This is no dream or drug-induced trip, but an everyday occurrence on Hilton Head Island. To experience this powerful high, head down to Coligny Plaza and poke around at Jamaican Me Crazy, a casual clothing and gift boutique where the whole family can get happy naturally.

Store manager, Kim Mischik, attributes the blissful sensation to the vibrant colors of the clothing she sells. “It’s a pleasant atmosphere that captures the island lifestyle. Walk in the door and you can’t help but be happy,” she said.

The fun begins with a collection of T-shirts bearing images and messages sure to make you smile. Adults get a kick out of “Lounge Lizard,” “Scubatini” and “Turtletini.” Guys gravitate to the enormous black piranha emblazoned on a colorful background, while kids fall for “Pirate Dog.” Other favorites include “Island Dog,” “Tiki Dog” and the “Screamin’ Head” tee. The number one best-selling shirt says it all: “Chill.”

Much more than a T-shirt shop
While funky tees are an important part of the mix, Jamaican Me Crazy is much more than souvenir wear. Styles include everything from board shorts and beach cover-ups to dresses and skirts that easily take you to dinner or out on the town. “These are the clothes you really wear,” said Mischik.

The store’s main clothing brands are Jams World and Spirit, featuring lively colors and fanciful patterns to mix and match. Products include skirts, dresses, shorts, beach pants, capris and tops as well as men’s shirts, children’s wear, hats, visors, bags and more. Other popular lines include Roxy and Lucy Love, geared more toward teens and young women who wear small sizes.

“It’s all fun, catchy stuff. The colors just make you happy,” said Mischik, emphasizing the quality of the fabrics and ease of care. “Everything is machine washable and easy to pack. You don’t have to iron it,” she added.

Step out in style
While you’re getting comfortable, cool your heels and give your toes a break, too, with summer sandals from Jamaican Me Crazy. Two prominent footwear lines include Rainbow and Reef. Rainbow is a basic leather sandal—comfortable and very popular with teens and others who recognize the brand as a status symbol, said Mischik. Also known for exceptional comfort, Reef offers sandals with arch support along with some other interesting special features: Need to carry a church key to open your soda or beer? Choose the Fanning and get it built right into the sole of your shoe. Craving a strong drink to help you relax? It’s an easy pour from the hidden 1-oz. flask in each heel of your Drams. Don’t have a pocket for your keys or credit card? The Stash features a pullout drawer for your small treasures.

Tote other essentials in a roomy Sun N Sand beach bag or a whimsical sequined pouch for evening, all designed with maximum fun in mind.

Cotton is king and color rules at Jamaican Me Crazy. Whether you are on vacation or just wish you were, it’s time to pack away your pinstripes and pearls and discover a new kind of power dressing. Slip into something more comfortable and feel the pleasure surge. Dress for success: Wrap yourself up in comfort and color your world happy!

Jamaican Me Crazy is a locally-owned, family- operated business. Stop by for an attitude adjustment Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-10 p.m., or Sunday, 10 a.m.-9:30 p.m.

Jamaican Me Crazy
Coligny Plaza

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