May 2017

In the Swim of Things: Coastal Pools & Fountains wants to build your happy place

Author: Barry Kaufman

At its best, a swimming pool is far more than just a hole in the ground filled with water. It’s more than pumps and filters and chemicals. It’s the sparkle of the sun’s rays glistening on the surface, sending your mind back to lazy days spent on the beach. It’s the tinkle of cascading water, mimicking a babbling brook through a shady forest and all the serenity that implies. In short, when done right, a swimming pool can be your tiny oasis of Zen. Your tranquil getaway. Your happy place.

And the thing about your own personal happy place is that it’s not going to look like anyone else’s. From materials to layout, it has to be 100 percent your own if it’s going to truly bring you that peace.

Just ask Dan Geoffroy, owner of Coastal Pools & Fountains. Along with his wife Audrey, he’s been building backyard oases for decades, both in his family business in upstate New York and locally since 1989. Whatever you can imagine, whatever form your own personal happy place takes, he knows how to build it.

“We did one pool that was a big 80-foot negative edge in an ‘S’ formation; we did the Comfort Inn kiddy park; we did one in Wexford that was all geothermal—the entire pool was heated by the earth,” Geoffroy said.

His years of experience ensure that no matter what kind of pool your backyard oasis requires, odds are good that he’s done something like it (and if your backyard oasis something akin to the old Comfort Inn kiddy park, please invite us over). But it’s not just about the experience. Geoffroy devotes himself to every project he’s a part of, exceeding every expectation with a craftsman’s level of attention to every detail.

“When I first moved down here, I was working for a big company doing two to three pools a week. I like building 25 a year, between renovation and remodels. It keeps me happy,” he said. And what’s more, that reduced work load lets Geoffroy put his own expertise into everything. “I’m there on every layout, every concrete pour and when every decision needs to be made.”

That level of attention may make it seem like Geoffrey is a one-man operation, but Coastal Pools & Fountains is actually a giant group effort of experienced pool experts who work to ensure every project meets that stringent level of quality. “The guys I have with me are all experienced and we own our equipment,” Geoffroy said.

And what this team puts out is nothing short of artwork. Tour the gallery on their website, and you’ll see elevated spas set in rippling marbled granite commanding stunning water views. You’ll see resort-style grandeur as a tiled splashdown wall spills dramatically into a stone-tiled pool. And you’ll probably see something that looks pretty similar to what you had in mind when you envisioned that happy place.

“People have a lot of questions when we start. Can I fit a pool within the required setbacks? What kind of features and materials are out there? What are my choices for decking?”

Geoffroy is happy to answer them all, guiding customers through their pool experience with his deep experience and flair for designing brilliant pools. In addition, he stays up on the newest trends in pool design and construction.

“We’re seeing a lot of travertine right now,” he said. “It doesn’t get too hot and it’s not slippery, since it’s cut and not polished.”

Running neck and neck with travertine is pavers, which Geoffroy said is thanks to new improvements in the materials available. New pavers are larger and better looking, allowing for some truly dazzling pool decks.

“More and more you’re seeing people adding tanning ledges,” Geoffroy said. For those who haven’t seen one, a tanning ledge is one of those amenities you’re seeing at high-end resorts in which a built-in chaise is set in a few inches of water, allowing you to soak up the sun and stay cool. And now, thanks to Coastal Pools & Fountains, it’s a high-end resort amenity you can enjoy in your own backyard.

In 18 years, Geoffroy has seen a lot of change in the industry. Locally he’s seen new communities build out, and new advancements in pool technology change the game. But one thing hasn’t changed: the devotion Coastal Pools & Fountains puts into each and every project it undertakes.

So, when you’re ready to help create your own happy place, visit

For more information, call (843) 686-4812.

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