March 2017


Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

I think my attention span for something I see every day is about two to three years. Then boredom inevitably sets in, and I feel the need to shake things up. I’ve come to this conclusion because I’ve lived in the same place for eight years, and I have repainted every room in the house and completely redecorated three times in that short period of time. Also, three years seems to be the longest I can manage to stay in a romantic relationship. So, there’s that.

Lately I’m very into white, with pops of green and gold as accent colors. Deciding that this new color palette was going to make me happy (this week), I ordered all new white furniture that even the delivery guys were afraid to touch as they were bringing it in and setting it up. This, of course, was a brilliant choice, seeing that I have a black dog who sheds an actual bunny’s worth of fur daily. But I didn’t stop with the furniture—all the bedding is white too—and yes, Lucy the Bernese Mountain Dog sleeps alternately on both the master and the spare bed, all draped in white, just for good measure. Perhaps I’m hoping to be so busy cleaning and exorcising the hair, I won’t have the energy to redecorate, yet again, in three years.

With Hurricane Matthew forcing many island residents to “remodel,” we figured it was a good time for a Home & Garden section. We welcome you to peruse the following pages for ideas on refreshing your abode and landscaping. When you’re finished with all that home improvement, check out our Dining Guide (pg.39) and let the local professionals make you dinner. We are so lucky to have an abundance of restaurants on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton. Make reservations tonight and support them!


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