March 2017

Domestic Bliss: Domestic Cleaning Company Delivers

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Eric and Melanie Carver, the owners of Domestic Cleaning Company.

Combine several years of island vacations with a family legacy in the cleaning business, and one very large, wall-mounted marlin, and you have the story of how Kentuckians Eric and Melanie Carver became owners of Domestic Cleaning Company, Inc., on Hilton Head Island. “We vacationed here,” Eric said. “A lot of times two or three times a year, so we decided to buy a condo. The condo we wanted to buy had a huge marlin on the wall [which the Carvers hoped to keep in the deal]. The deal got down to about $500, and we decided to walk away. On our way back to Kentucky, the Realtor called and said the owner had said to keep the fish.” An incarnation of that fish, later named Gnarly Marlin by the Carvers and sketched-to-life by Melanie’s brother, is now DCCI’s mop-swabbing mascot for the full-service cleaning company the couple purchased in January 2015.

DCCI was initially established in 1978, and the Carvers first became customers, hiring them to take care of their own island home. When the opportunity to purchase the business became available, the couple saw it as the way to make their favorite vacation spot their permanent address. Melanie brought with her years of experience in payroll and bookkeeping, prior to becoming a registered nurse, and Eric contributed his career experience in the cleaning business.

“I actually started doing floors and cleaning when I was eight or nine years old, helping Dad on the weekend,” Eric said. After a period in the tech industry, he went to work for the sales and consulting company where his dad worked. “We trained hospitals, school systems, nursing homes, on cleaning procedures and sold cleaning products. I learned the procedures and discipline, and how to train people to do the work, using the correct products and knowing how to use them, paying attention to detail, and knowing what to use where,”—all key components to the success of their DCCI operation.

Like an umbrella of protection over their customers, DCCI offers a broad range of services, helping care for and maintain their customer’s homes, investment properties, and businesses with a superior level of mindful attention, communication, and trust. Already doing commercial cleaning for several local banks, medical offices, and dental offices, their teams are scheduled so as not to disrupt business. DCCI’s residential services can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or for one-time cleaning projects with the additional offering of a personal maintenance program. “We offer maintenance/handyman services and light remodeling services to our private residential customers,” Eric said. “We do nearly everything: replace garage door openers, replace locks, lay flooring, replace drywall—really anything that doesn’t require an electrical license or plumbing license.”

Rental property owners depend on DCCI for the high-season Saturday turns; their move-in, move-out, and construction cleanings put things in spotless order, and seasonal or annual cleanings go deep. “We recommend rental owners do deep cleans at least once a year, and preferably twice,” Eric said. “Basically, everything in the place is touched. The beds are torn down; everything is pulled out of the drawers and the drawers are cleaned. Everything in the cabinets comes out. Refrigerators are disassembled and pulled out, stoves and ovens are pulled out, the baseboards, fans, sliding door track—all cleaned.” The to-do checklist shared with owners and completed with each deep clean is a thorough five to six pages long.

Providing different levels of service and amenities for rental owners, DCCI works to match the owner’s objectives. “We offer standard 10-pound towels and deluxe 14.5-pound towels,” Eric said, and the kitchen and bath niceties and necessities vary slightly. “The main difference is with standard amenities everything is generic; with the deluxe, everything is name brand: Angel Soft toilet paper, Bounty or Brawny kitchen towels, Kleenex Puffs or Angel Soft facial tissues, a six-load Tide Liquid bottle, Finish individually-wrapped dishwasher tabs.”

DCCI provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that all their property needs are being met whether by their team, or scheduled with a reliable group of contract resources including pool and landscape care, carpet cleaning, spray washing, etc. Anything needed for the care and keeping of the property can be easily arranged for by DCCI and paid for from one DCCI invoice.

Eric’s experience and industry know-how further benefit DCCI customers regarding the products used on all their cleaning jobs. “Most of our products don’t have any fragrance and there aren’t any of the harsh chemicals,” he said. “They won’t hurt your floors or any of your surfaces. They don’t trigger asthma or any respiratory issues.”

“There’s always that belief that if it doesn’t have a strong smell, then it’s not clean,” Melanie said. “That’s not the case here. The scent doesn’t hit you in the face.”

The DCCI website has become the go-to portal for potential and existing customers. “We offer online scheduling for cleaning and maintenance; you can apply for a job online; you can sign-up as a new customer,” Eric said. Customers are also welcome to add their rental property to DCCI’s website. “We can connect prospective renters with the customer’s VRBO listing; it’s just a straight run-through to the customer.”

The Carver’s team at DCCI is a big part of why they take their commitment to the people who commit to work for them as seriously as they take the work they do for all their customers. “We always said if we ever owned a business, our whole goal was to treat people the way we want to be treated, and we started with our employees,” Eric said. “Two years in, we’ve given raises, we offer a 401K program for our fulltime staff, and we’re always working on other ways to benefit our staff.” Caring for their team extends to an end-of-summer season bash, where team members bring their families and are treated to great food, while they celebrate completing another hard-working, high-season rental period, and earn awards and prizes for their efforts. “We take as much pride in taking care of our staff as we do in taking care of our properties.”

“I like to think our customer relationships make us the best at what we do,” Eric said. “We tell them that everything may not always be perfect, but we’ll fix whatever is not.”

Combine one Gnarly Marlin, one dedicated couple, plenty of experience and expertise—along with great customers and an outstanding team—and Domestic Cleaning Company, Inc. brings it all together in one quality-driven, full-service cleaning company. 

DCCI is located at 119 Arrow Road, A, Hilton Head Island. For more information, please call (843) 785-7444 or visit

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