February 2017

C2 Pet fashion for the pooch & feline

Author: Kim Molloy | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

So many fashionable options are available for our pets these days. The beautiful animals pictured are modeling some warm attire for cool Lowcountry days. Fortunately, unlike humans, pets haven’t developed their “Glamour Don’t” looks quite yet, so have fun mixing and matching to your delight and theirs. Be sure to accessorize with collars, bows, bowties, leashes, sunglasses, hats, etc.

Plaid Jacket with Fur Hood by Up Country Apparel $44

Widmer is a one-year-old lab mix who was found running wild with a fellow dog pal in Bluffton. His buddy has since been adopted, but Widmer required a great deal of acclimation; he was fearful and growled when anyone approached him. The staff at Hilton Head Humane Association has been working hard to teach him how to trust again. Widmer has grown more comfortable with each passing day, and should you choose to go visit him, you would see what a well-adjusted dog he has become.

Up Country Apparel Red Plaid Jacket $44

Scrappy is a nine-year-old Hound/Shar Pei mix who was transferred from Beaufort County Animal Services to Hilton Head Humane Association. The poor dog had hardly any coat and it has been a long road for Scrappy, with countless medicated baths to treat his skin. Through all of it, he has not lost his delightful attitude.

Chatham Collar $29, Chatham Leash $30

Poor Fitz was left in a shopping cart at PetSmart in Bluffton. The associates at the store called Hilton Head Humane immediately, and they brought him in to the shelter. Other than a few vision issues and teeth that needed a good cleaning, eight-year-old Fitz was in pretty good condition. He was energetic and sweet during the photo shoot, and we found out that he had been adopted, shortly before press time. Hurray!

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Atwater is also a one-year lab mix who was found as a stray. He is a puppy through and through! This sweet boy has a gentle demeanor and could go home with almost any family.

Yellow Dog Design Breakaway Cat Collar $10,
CollarDoos™ “The Dozer” Bow Tie $10.50

Diego is an eight-year-old declawed kitty who was found by Beaufort County Animal Services. As there is no reason for a declawed cat to be left outdoors with no way to defend himself or hunt, this beautiful boy either escaped or was abandoned. Diego is looking for a new home and is quite the cheerful cat who enjoys being handled.

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