July 2007

Cold Stone Creamery: We all Scream for Ice Cream

Author: Jimmy Leppert

Cold Stone Creamery does more than just serve delicious ice cream; it brings out the youthful exuberance of everyone who experiences its unique atmosphere and ice cream creations. Located off Hwy. 278, in the The Fresh Market Shops, Cold Stone Creamery is the perfect place for a quick stop to cool off after a round of golf, a long day at the beach, or a big dinner. With a miniature golf course next door, you can even work up an appetite on the short links. This attention to family fun is the focus of Cold Stone Creamery. The fresh-made ice cream coupled with the atmosphere makes for a memorable and “must come back” event for the whole family.

Cold Stone Creamery is family-owned and operated by Myrtle Everette-Stroman, her daughter, and the Love family. Myrtle delights in her work, and her enthusiasm makes the Cold Stone experience unique. She makes sure every customer has “the ultimate ice cream experience” from the time they walk in to the time they walk out. This attitude has a waterfall effect on the staff. Each customer is greeted and educated on the thousands of combinations available to order. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, making the decision-making process easy.

Cold Stone Creamery offers everything from fresh smoothies to wedding cakes. The smoothies are fresh fruit combinations with delicious blends. The most memorable are the Z to Mango (sorbet, mango puree, and pineapple) and the Citrus Sensation. Next is the ice cream! With over 17,000 combinations, you can’t go wrong. Many locals choose one of the signature creations: Founder’s Favorite (pecans, brownie, fudge and caramel), Oreo Overload, Chocolate Devotion, Mint Mint Chocolate, and Birthday Cake Remix (brownie, rainbow sprinkles, and fudge). Or, you can gowith a choice of ice cream and pick your mixing ingredients, which include everything from Heath and Oreo to M & M’s and sprinkles. Using a scientific and fun mixing technique, the ice cream and ingredients are placed on a freezing slab of smooth stone where everything is mixed together using a spade. If you have never seen this before you MUST stop by. To further spoil you, Myrtle makes sure you have a choice of carrying options for your ice cream, including waffle cones and chocolate-dipped cones, plus an array of treats to top them off. Or you can just make it a shake.

Cold Stone Creamery makes the visit easy, and if you need to “grab and go” they have a large assortment of pre-made cakes as well as pints, quarts, and buckets of all your favorite ice creams. Cold Stone Creamery offers wedding cakes—each an absolute indulgence and appreciation of fine ice cream that keeps to the formal traditions of the ceremony. Myrtle also caters for birthday parties, work parties, and major charity fundraisers. These are perfect examples of how Myrtle has synthesized the age-old traditions of ice cream with the luxuries and options offered by the most advanced technology. Cold Stone Creamery offers a must-have beach memory for the whole family.

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Cold Stone Creamery
Fresh Market Shoppes
(843) 842.2422

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