February 2017

February 2017 Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M. Kat Photography

Generally speaking, the humans who work at the magazine come up with the monthly content – except for this month. We deferred to our canine companions for the annual Pet Issue, and once it was all put together, I really enjoyed reading the carefully curated content by Miss Lucy Washo and Ms. Greta Von Bowser.

I see their first order of business was to highjack Kim Molloy’s fashion page for the latest in feline and canine style. Evidently bowties are all the rage in the Lowcountry, for cats and dogs, and Tail Wiggles in the Village at Wexford caters to that fresh new fad.

Shameless self-promotion was the next order of business in Kent Thune’s article on page 51. The title, How Animals Can Make Us Better Humans, pretty much speaks for itself. For a little levity, I suggest you also read its counterpart by Dr. Kirk Dixon: Who’s the Leader of your Pack?

Two articles in particular tugged at my heartstrings, one with a happy ending (see Miller and Sparky’s story on page 43), and one whose ending is yet to be written (read Hope’s sad story on page 54). I don’t know how Franny (Hilton Head Humane Association) and Amy (Palmetto Animal League) do what they do every day, but boy do I appreciate them for their hard work and the love they show to our homeless and abandoned animals.

Speaking of homeless animals, Lucy and I had a fluffy gray kitty (let’s call her Annie, in a salute to Broadway) show up on our back porch last week. Annie doesn’t have a notch in her ear, so I assume she was someone’s cat until recently—not a feral. She is quite the sassy little thing. One evening, I saw her singlehandedly fight off four raccoons. If anyone’s missing this fluff ball, feel free to call us at the magazine and we can broker her return. Until then, I shall keep feeding her…until she moves in officially.

Enjoy the pet issue! 

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