February 2017

Chow Daddy’s Kitchen and Bar: Smoking Up a Storm & Quenching Appetites

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: Photography by Anne

“Take up your paddles and step to the edge of the table; Chow Daddy’s has changed things up a bit.”

Owners Price and Karen Beall have brought ping pong to their two Lowcountry locations. “We wanted to have a game that all ages could enjoy,” Karen said. “It all started because we added on this new room,” she explained. Oh, and by the way, they have also expanded their Hilton Head Island space, adding a new event room. And, they’ve stepped up their smoking game to a new level of barbecue prowess.

Chow Daddy’s’ new 60-seat event room seamlessly transitions from the cool, rustic vibe throughout the rest of the restaurant, bar, and patio, and is exactly what they needed to host more personal soirees of all kinds. “We’ve had some really great birthday parties and anniversary parties,” Karen said. “We brought in pinball machines from our offices for one group; that’s always an option, and we recently had a rehearsal dinner.” Also, when the weather turns wet, the new room provides an exceptional option for effortlessly moving the party on the patio to a more comfortable, drier space, with no interruption of the fun.

And speaking of fun on the patio, there’s ping pong all day at both the Hilton Head Island and Bluffton Chow Daddy’s. Already entertaining guests and providing some amusing distraction, the Bealls have a little something more in the works. Keep an eye out for ping pong tournaments, including one for the food and beverage community—restaurant wars of the table tennis kind. Under the twinkly lights and the stars, the patios at Chow Daddy’s are just the right spot to relax, refresh, and show off your mad skills.

A Chow Daddy’s team member serves up platefuls of deliciousness with a smile. (and we love his shirt too!)

If you are a foodie on any level, the Chow Daddy’s menu is great reading, and the eating is even better. Highlighting regional, organic ingredients whenever possible, the best way to begin is at the beginning. Whether ordered as starters to whet your appetite before the main course, or as nibbles to accompany drinks and some ping pong, just like the salads, buns, tacos, and plates, the snacks are inventive and delish. Grilled buttermilk jalapeno cheese cornbread; pimento cheese with bread-and-butter pickles and potato chips; a mushroom toast and organic egg made with old-world whole grain bread, roasted mushrooms, house ricotta, a fried egg, and peppadew sauce.

Ingredients like greens, kale, quinoa, and sweet potatoes share plates with the pork, chicken, beef, and seafood that are given the Chow Daddy’s delicious touch. Smoking and slow roasting provide the inspiration and expressway to nearly every item on their menu. And Price has recently immersed himself into the realm of barbecue, emerging with new smokers for the restaurants to execute culinary inspirations.

Steak tacos
Thinly sliced hanger steak, peppadew sauce, carmelized onions, garlic aioli, sriracha drizzle

Seeking better temperature control for their barbecue, Price purchased new smokers from Myron Mixon Smokers—born from the experience of barbecue guru Myron Mixon, known as “the winningest man in barbecue,” and crafted in their Waterford, Connecticut shop. “I spent a few days looking at all the different brands on the market and felt like he [Myron Mixon] had the best, and he’s actively involved in the company,” he said. “I was interested in his gravity-feed smoker. The charcoal and wood stay separate from the actual smoking compartment. You layer the chute and then it feeds itself. There’s about a two-degree temperature range in the cabinet. You don’t have to open the door to check the fire. You have a temperature controlled blower with a thermostat on the inside.” It is this type of inventive equipment that has put Myron Mixon in the Barbecue Hall of Fame. “People don’t realize how much goes into making good barbecue,” Price added.

The new smokers are producing some buzz-worthy dishes. Starting out as a daily special, Chow Daddy’s’ lemon chicken with white barbecue sauce will soon be added to the already outstanding selections on their menu, Karen said.

“First, we marinate the chicken, then it is smoked, then flash fried, and finished with a drizzle of white barbecue sauce. It’s comfort food.” The culinary team is also noodling around with some smoked seafood dishes.

Chow Daddy’s’ inviting bar and beverage selections also pair perfectly with the dishes coming from the kitchen. The expanded wine list is well-rounded and offers something for nearly every white, red, rosé, or bubbly taste. Unique offerings—like beer made at Blackberry Farm—give Chow Daddy’s a unique opportunity to provide guests with something different and so very delicious.

“I’m not a beer drinker,” Karen said. “However, the Blackberry Farm beer is leaning toward a wine, while it’s still a beer, and it pairs really well with food.” A wide selection of beers and cocktails, including their yummy Rioja Sangria, take you wherever you wish to go. Happy Hour daily from 4-8 p.m. offers $2 domestic lagers, $2 well drinks, and $4 House Chardonnay and Merlot.

One of Chow Daddy’s’ best not-to-be-kept secrets is their $4 tacos every day from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. With a selection of seven, including pulled pork or chicken, mushroom or fried chicken, the mid-day possibilities are tasty. Finding the right flavor profiles to share the taco combinations, ingredients and flavors like avocado, Sriracha, hoisin, peppadew, caramelized onions, mango, and jalapeno, hit all the right notes.

While much is thankfully just the same, it seems Chow Daddy’s has changed things up more than just a little bit.

Serving daily from 11 a.m., Chow Daddy’s is located at 14B Executive Park Road, Hilton Head Island (843) 842-CHOW, and 15 Towne Drive, Belfair Towne Village, Bluffton (843) 757-CHOW. For more information, please visit chowdaddys.com and find them on Facebook.

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