January 2017

Stephen’s Compounding Pharmacy

Author: Becca Edwards | Photographer: Krisztian Lonyai

Justin Wages, Dr. Wilhemina Fry and Taylor Cowart

What if there were a healthcare provider who not only knew your full name (and not just what appears on your insurance card or credit card), but also your pet’s name—and cared about both of your wellbeing? What if there were a health-oriented business that looked at wellness holistically and offered pharmaceutical grade supplements, life-changing skincare and other high quality products, and prescriptions tailor made to your needs? And what if that same business also provided wellness consultations, customizable care and true customer service? I know it sounds like a tall order, but such a medical nirvana exists. It is right here on Hilton Head Island on Mathews Drive. Since opening its doors in 2010, it has helped countless people, and it could be just what you’ve been looking for to feel more healthy and radiant. Its name is Stephens Compounding Pharmacy.

“People ask me all the time, ‘What is compounding?’” said Wilhemina Fry, Pharm. D. “I explain to them that we prepare individualized dosage forms and doses for special needs not available commercially.” Dr. Fry went on to explain that Stephens is a member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America, which sets it apart from other compounding pharmacies. “Through [PCCA] we get micronized hormones that we compound in a proprietary base, which equates to the best absorption and most consistent dosing.” What also makes Stephens exceptional is the specialty areas of focus, such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, veterinarian medications (including meds applied to the inner part of a feline’s ear), multiple pain management options like topical gels and creams, NSAIDS and steroids, wound care options like antibiotics and granulating agents, the HCG diet program and dermatological care for scars, acne and bleaching. Stephens also can conduct ZRT saliva testing and is part of the triad between the patient, the physician and the pharmacist. Results of the ZRT test give information about the patient’s sex and stress hormone levels which then can allow Dr. Fry, as well as the attending physician, to make lifestyle recommendations and determine if medication is needed.

Dr. Fry, who earned a BS in chemistry from Armstrong State University and a Pharm. D. from Mercer University, completed her pharmacy practice residency at St. Thomas Health Services in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a certified Hormone Replacement Specialist. She took over ownership of Stephens from Dr. Sheila Stephens on November 1 of last year. Since then, she has committed herself to maintaining the professionalism and level of care Stephens is known for both in the community and the medical profession. “We want to continue creating success stories,” Dr. Fry said, and for her, that means “helping people feel beautiful inside and out.” With a big smile on her face, Dr. Fry then recounted recent stories of her patients.

“One male customer, who had struggled with weight loss for years and had high cholesterol, lost 48 pounds in a short amount of time with us and the HCG diet,” Dr. Fry said. “Now he sleeps better, feels better, his cholesterol is lower and he is contemplating coming off some of his blood pressure medication.”

Dr. Fry talked about a female patient who was experiencing hot flashes. “We did the ZRT saliva test and found out she was high in testosterone, but it was topical testosterone that was transferring from her husband. We were able to figure out her root problem and correct her estrogen and progesterone deficiencies.”

Dr. Fry then located a picture of a small dog named Puddy whose owner had sent a handwritten note thanking her for giving her more time with her beloved pet. As we both teared up, she talked about Nigel, an exotic bird from the Amazon, that she compounds thyroid medication for and a client with six different pets that need medication. “We flavor all their meds with marshmallow so the medication doesn’t discolor their white fur.”

So, what’s next for Dr. Fry and Stephens Compounding Pharmacy? She has already hired a new staff pharmacist so that she can spend more time doing consultations and patient follow-ups and so she can offer “boutique wellness” and a concierge approach to helping her clients. “We’re a one-stop place for non-traditional needs,” Dr. Fry said. The average person without any true medical condition suffers from issues such as poor sleep, indigestion, hormone imbalances (both sex hormones and cortisol), bone loss due to aging, stress, or lack of energy. He or she can walk through Stephens Compounding Pharmacy’s doors, schedule a consultation and find simple solutions to such problems. “It means a lot to consult someone, make them a compound or find them the right supplements and see their life change for the better and vitality again in their eyes,” Dr. Fry said. Stephens also plans on offering travel immunizations and flu shots next year and promises to make feeling good accessible and attainable.

Stephens Compounding Pharmacy is located at 55 Mathews Drive, Suite 215. For more information, visit stephenscompoundingpharmacy.com or call (843) 686-3040.

Stephens Compounding Pharmacy Recommends:

Campaign Against Stress:
Cortisol Balance
Relora (one in the a.m./two in the p.m.)
L-Theanine (200 mg. up to four times daily)
Adrenal Support Formula (two times daily)

GI Health
Probiotics (one daily on an empty stomach)
Pancreatic enzymes (one before each meal)

Resveratrol Extra (one capsule every a.m. and p.m. with meals)
Omega Max (one capsule every a.m. and p.m. with meals)
CoQ10 (Ubiquinol) (100 mg. every a.m.)
Vitamin B-12 liquid (one dropper full every a.m.)

Bone Building
Calcium (MCHA) with Magnesium (at bedtime)
Vitamin D3 drops (2000-5000 units daily)

Melatonin (20 mg. at bedtime)
Relora or L-Theanine
5-HTP (100 mg)
Magnesium Glycinate (300-600 mg. at bedtime)

Astaxanthin (4 mg. every a.m.)

Thyroid Support
Selenium (200 mcg. every a.m.)
Zinc (30 mg. every a.m.)

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