January 2017

January 2017: Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

As I reflect on all that was 2016, I will forever remember it as the year I was wrong. About almost everything. All. Of. The. Things.

Just when I thought the summer heat in the Lowcountry couldn’t get any more oppressive, I was wrong. At press time, 2016 is almost officially the hottest year on record.

I thought because our area was surrounded by shallow water, it was impossible for Hilton Head Island to sustain a direct hit from a hurricane. On October 8, 2016, I was wrong again. Hurricane Matthew slammed us with just shy of Category 3 force winds, proving that anything is possible.

Exactly one month later, we elected a reality TV star as our next president. I remember telling my colleague months earlier that I thought John Kasich would most likely be the Republican nominee. Possibly Cruz or Rubio…but never Trump. Wrong again!

In keeping with 2016’s theme of “throw everything you thought you knew out the window,”I had yet another shocker on December 13. Voting had ended for CH2’s Bachelor of the Year contest, and it was a tie. With 836 votes each, Joel Klock and Daniel Lentz both claimed the title of Bachelor of the Year. Now what are the odds of that happening?

As we boldly go into 2017, I now know that anything is truly possible.
Awesome, right? Or yikes.

Happy New Year, dear reader.
Go do something you didn’t think was possible this year.
Odds are you’ll succeed.

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