December 2016

Put the World on Pause at Namaste Spa—A Luxury Spa with a Local Touch

Author: Linda S. Hopkins | Photographer: Mark Staff Photography

Namaste offers a spa boutique, featuring a variety of local and regional products and gift lines, perfect for treating yourself or for holiday giving.

In today’s age of wireless wonder, it seems that the very air we breathe is charged with invisible stress ions, making it increasingly difficult to unwind and escape the demands of the day. If you’ve ever wished you could put the world on pause, Namaste Spa, located at Marriott’s Barony Beach Club, invites you to do just that.

More than just a place to get your muscles untangled, skin exfoliated, nails groomed, and eyebrows waxed, Namaste Spa provides a relaxing and rejuvenating experience—much like a mini-vacation—and that doesn’t happen by accident. According to Shay Moree-Dew, spa director at Namaste, every detail of the ambiance is intentional. “It’s meant to embrace you. From the big, fluffy chairs to the oversized robes to the Edison lighting, it really is almost like a hug. It invites you to escape from everything,” she said.

The physical attractiveness of Namaste Spa is undeniable and will be further enhanced when the lobby and locker rooms get a makeover. “It will really sync up with our design, creating more of a flow,” Moree-Dew said of the pending renovations.

But beyond the beauty of the facility, we all know it’s what’s inside that counts. With a degree in sociology along with dual certifications as an aesthetician and massage therapist, Moree-Dew came to Namaste with 12 years of business experience and a keen understanding of how to create an outstanding spa experience for the customer. “My knowledge of sociology absolutely ties into my work at the spa—how people react, what comforts them, what feeds their soul. It also gives me insight into hiring the right crew. Well-trained therapists doing what they love in an environment they like are going to do their best work, and that makes the client happy,” she said. “When I get to be at the front desk and someone comes out melting, that’s the best, because I know that everything from the way the spa looks to the staff I picked contributed to the experience.”

The menu of services is intentionally structured and simple, eliminating decision-making stress, yet offering unlimited possibilities. “I’m not a big fan of cookie-cutter services. Outside of a few protocols, I let my therapists’ expertise and their qualities shine,” Moree-Dew explained. “When you book your appointment, you can make special requests, and then talk to the therapist prior to your service. It’s your time, and we want you to relax and get exactly what you need.”

Namaste Spa treatment room with a soaking tub
A cozy place to relax before your service

What to expect
Differentiating the spa, according to Moree-Dew, is the unusual blend of a large corporate foundation with the personal touches inherent to small business ownership. Affiliated with a Marriott resort, yet locally-owned by Christopher Gomez and Falko Langel, Namaste Spa offers the best of all worlds: luxurious resort amenities and high-quality therapeutic services, served with a generous helping of homegrown hospitality.

With its intimate setting and unpretentious nature, Namaste Spa will roll out the welcome mat and put you at ease from the moment you arrive. Upon check-in, you’ll be escorted to the locker room where a plush, Monarch Cypress robe beckons you to let out an unrestricted sigh of relief. While you are waiting for your first treatment (and in between services), you can let your guard down and slip into a new state of mind in one of two relaxation rooms, where the natural color palette cushy chairs, and soft lights set the scene for reading, journaling, catnapping or daydreaming. Or, you may prefer to melt your cares away (along with any aches or pains) in the steam room, sauna, or whirlpool. (Hint: arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to enjoy the amenities or simply have a cup of tea while clearing your thoughts and doing nothing.)

“It’s in a Marriott, so you can access the amenities—use the indoor pool and Jacuzzi, come early and stay late. Even if you are coming in for an hour, you can make it a half-day spa day,” Moree-Dew suggested.

In addition to six treatment rooms including a couple’s suite and nail suite, Namaste offers a spa boutique, featuring a variety of local and regional products and gift lines, perfect for treating yourself or for holiday giving. The venue and service options are ideal for your individual enjoyment, time-out with a friend, an intimate celebration with your significant other, or a group event. The spa is equipped to accommodate groups numbering up to 20 and will customize the provisions according to your wishes.

When you feel the need to escape the daily grind, remember: the world pauses at Namaste Spa. 

Namaste Spa is located at 5 Grasslawn Ave, at the Marriott’s Barony Beach Club. For more information regarding services, seasonal events and special promotions, visit or call (843) 785-2500 for appointments.

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