July 2007

Something For Everyone at Adventure Cove

Author: Becca Dupps Edwards

Entertaining the whole family can be an enterprise. Your four-year-old son wants to do one thing, your ten-year-old daughter another, and your forty-year-old man-child husband yet another. Finding the muse to your family’s amusement can be difficult for even the most easygoing families.

Yet a party planning parent’s paradise lies over the river (in this case the Intracoastal Waterway) and through the woods (Highway 278). Among lush Caribbean gardens, wading in cool falling waters surrounded by lagoons and rocky hills, and peaking out of mysterious caverns and enclaves, a veritable venture of fun-filled family bonding time awaits and abounds at Adventure Cove, Hilton Head Island’s number one center for family-oriented activities.

Established in 1992, Adventure Cove was originally designed to host two miniature golf courses and one professional driving range. Over the years, it eventually grew to include batting cages, bumper cars, a 3-D movie theater, laser tag, an arcade and redemption center and a food court.

However, according to Marketing Director, Ralph Sutton, major design changes were made over time. “Development of the property became a priority,” he explained. “We began building under the name Sandcastles by the Sea. Now Adventure Cove boasts 82 townhouse units, two adventure mini-golf courses, a food bar, an arcade redemption center and the newest addition to the Adventure Cove family, Carrabba’s Italian Grill.”

Not only do the folks at Adventure Cove know how to have a good time, but they also know how to be successful doing it. The new additions have put a smile on the owners’ faces and laughter in their patrons lives.

“The Cove is an ambassador of fun on Hilton Head,” said Sutton. Parties, in particular, have proven popular. For a reasonable fee, Adventure Cove will provide a birthday cake from a local bakery, pizza from Papa Johns, 18 holes of mini golf per child, an MVP redemption card, 24 tokens per child, unlimited beverages, a disposable party camera, plates, cups, napkins, forks and candles; and an official Adventure Cove invitation is available for pick-up. Party-goers can even purchase souvenirs such as fashion visosr, t-shirts or CDs from the gift shop.

Another reason for Adventure Cove’s continued success can be attributed to its philosophy towards community outreach. “Adventure Cove has and always will be involved in local events, schools and numerous charities,” Sutton said. “In addition, Adventure Cove provides recreation and enjoyment as well as jobs for the community.”

Putt-putting their way to the top of Hilton Head Island’s list of family fun activities, Adventure Cove has made a big name for miniature golf and family-friendly entertainment. To learn more about Adventure Cove or to reserve your next family outing, visit www.adventurecove.com or call (843) 842.9990.

Fun Miniature Golf Facts:

Miniature golf was invented by Ina Zuncke and David Roberts during the 19th century.

Other names for miniature golf include mini-golf, midget golf, goofy golf, extreme golf, crazy golf, and adventure golf.

In mainland Europe, nearly all mini-golf courses are geometrically shaped, which gives them a visual appearance very much unlike the greens or putting areas of golf. In Scandinavia mini-golf courses usually have a rectangular wooden frame and a felt surface. And in Central and Southern Europe the mini-golf courses most commonly have a steel frame and a surface made of beton, a French form of concrete.

The first standardized mini-golf courses to enter commercial mass-production were the 1916 Thistle Dhu (“This’ll Do”) course in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and the 1927 Tom Thumb patent of Garnet Carter from Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.

By the late 1920s, there were over 150 rooftop courses in New York City alone, and tens of thousands across the United States. This American mini-golf boom of early 20th century came to an end during the economical depression in the late 1930s.

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