November 2016

A Short Note about the Thank-You Letter

Author: Becca Edwards

Letter writing is sensual—but not in the naughty sense:

It ignites your olfactory. Paper has a slight musk. Stationary, especially thick card stock that has been freshly inked, has a distinct perfume. (FYI: Digital correspondence is odorless.)

t is tactile. From the wax seal on the envelope, to the embossed monogram on the front cover of the card, to the texture and weight of the stationary, you can actually feel gratitude when you receive a handwritten note.

It visually stays with you. After interviewing for a position, sending an e-mail thanking the interviewer will absorb into the abyss of cyber communication, but a letter will imprint into his or her mind, making a much better impression—and probably landing you the job.

It is auditory. At some point we have all heard the tantalizing rip of an envelope opening. There is a promise in that sound. It’s a promise that something awaits you.

Tips for writing a better thank-you note:

Be timely. Don’t be ex post facto about posting your note.

Think about the recipient. Does she appreciate humor or is she the more serious sort? Does he have a nickname or a title?

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