November 2016

November 2016: Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo

BOTY 2016
Trey Hennessee announces the charity he is playing for to the crowd at Poseidon on October 21. Almost $7,000 was raised for the Island Rec Center thanks to a fine group of single men and their friends who came out in force to support the cause.

So we survived our first hurricane in 100 years. That’s something, eh?

After the disaster that was the Hurricane Floyd exodus in 1999, I swore I would not leave again. No more sitting in traffic for 20 hours with a menagerie in tow. No, I was going to do battle with Hurricane Matthew right here on the island. Lucy and I moved to higher ground (Mame and Dan Bowser’s house in Port Royal Plantation) to ride out the storm, stocked with plenty of food, bottled water, wine and charcoal for outdoor cooking. When we made the call to stay at 2 p.m. on Friday, it really didn’t look like we were going to sustain any more than a few feet of water and 70 mph winds.

It started to get a little scary at 2:30am. We couldn’t hear the trees snapping all around us—just the wind. The cable stayed on until about 3:45 a.m. The power went out at 4. Dan Bowser, a retired Marine, managed to make coffee right before we lost electricity; I decided to stick with wine since I hadn’t technically gone to sleep yet. My sister’s boyfriend sent a text from Atlanta “It looks like you guys are taking a direct hit. Is everyone still okay?” We were.

When the sun came up the next morning, it was a little shocking. I called Ashton Kelley to tell her she was right—I probably should have left—it was pretty bad. Barony Lane looked like a war zone, and we had to hike over and around at least 100 trees to walk a mile.

The next few days were kind of fun, though. Our dogs could roam leash-free because they couldn’t get very far (downed trees acted like a very visible fence) and, of course, there were no people to run into. Mame and I hiked to the CH2 office to check on things and found a tree or two down, but other than that, no damage. The next day we walked around Port Royal, feeding feral cats and checking on houses for other residents. Dan broke out the chainsaw on day three, and we worked in the yard cleaning up Matthew’s mess.

Everyone has a Hurricane Matthew story to tell, and we tried to share a few of them in this issue. From what I personally experienced, it brought out the best in strangers and neighbors, and I’m glad to call the Lowcountry home. Sometimes we need a little reminder about what’s important, and thanks to a Category 2 storm named Matthew, we all got the message loud and clear.

After our week hiatus (or forced vacation, as I took to calling it), it was back to work—and work we did.

It’s not easy to put out a magazine in less than two weeks, but it happened, and we threw a little Bachelor Party at Poseidon too! Check out the party pics on page 43. Thanks to a bunch of hot guys, we were able to give a check for almost $7,000 to the Island Rec Center.

The November issue was slated to be our giving issue for over a year now, and it seems even more fitting in the light of recent events. We hope you enjoy the numerous articles about people who give back and the importance of giving thanks.

I’d like to thank David Bennett and Lisa Sulka for keeping everyone updated during this whole ordeal. I liked you both before; I love you even more now! Thanks to Steve Riley for the plan he had in place in the event Hilton Head Island experienced a hurricane.

Thanks to Nikki Haley for keeping South Carolina’s people safe. Thanks to all the men and women who cleaned up Bluffton and Hilton Head so the residents could return safely. Thanks to the numerous local restaurant owners who stayed and cleaned out their freezers to feed first responders. Thanks to Palmetto Electric for getting the power back on so fast and to the water and sewer authorities for getting our spigots flowing with clean water and toilets flushing again. Thanks to Hargray and Time Warner for having Internet up quickly so we could get back to the business of business. I’d also like to thank anyone with a chainsaw…. I think that about covers it.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Now get out there and be thankful!

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