November 2016

Carroll & Dayton Real Estate: A New Partnership Forging Relationships

Author: Kitty Bartell

Few professions afford its individual members the opportunity to build a career quite like real estate—one that reflects individuality, experience, personal beliefs, and respective goals. For Realtors, it’s a career-long process, creating and building a brand that builds a book of business. “I’ve been here 30 years,” said David Carroll of Carroll Dayton Real Estate/Charter One Realty North. “My clients get experience, knowledge, longevity, stamina, diligence, and determination.”

Carroll also brings market savvy and industry awareness to his business. With the advent of real estate websites, he saw clients coming with more knowledge and greater expectations. He believed it was time to take on a partner. “I knew I wanted to partner up. The day of the single Realtor has really gone away. It is consumer-driven, because the consumer expects more,” Carroll said. The next step was finding someone whose approach to real estate and real estate clients reflected the brand and reputation he had built.

The principles driving Carroll and his real estate business haven’t changed since 1989 when he started out as a property manager on Hilton Head Island, transitioning to real estate sales in the early 1990s. “From my early days in this business, I’ve thought if you’re focusing on what you’re getting paid, then you’re focusing on the wrong thing,” he said. “If you look at what you’re doing for other people, you don’t have to worry about getting paid. For most people we work with, it’s the biggest decision of their lives. I’ve always looked at it as a privilege if you hire me.”

In addition to his real estate success, Carroll is a bit of a local celebrity, playing music with the iconic Chilly Willy Band and the Ross Brown Band. While performing solo at a cancer benefit that he met Tracy Dayton, the director of the fundraiser, a former New Yorker, and fellow Realtor. “We started crossing paths at other events and started talking more about business,” Carroll said. Dayton was also looking for the right person to partner with, and after many conversations, finding a great deal of common ground, getting their families together, and securing the approval of Charter One North, Carroll & Dayton Real Estate was formed. With two of their three daughters out on their own, Carroll’s wife Beth recently obtained her real estate license and is now working with the team as well.

“I think we have a unique partnership,” Carroll said. “We offer a willingness to serve others based on our lifestyles of serving our families and our clients. We’re not ‘let’s just get the deal done’ type of Realtors.”

“We both genuinely care,” Dayton said. “When we meet someone for the first time, whether they buy a property or not, we still keep the connection with all of them. Like Carroll, Dayton brings a passion for living the island life. “I call it ‘Hilton Head Head.’ As soon as you get off I-95 everything changes. It’s like we have our own altitude, and it just changes everything.”

It has been 15 years since Dayton and her husband Robert Dayton, a physical therapist at Hilton Head Hospital and owner of Body Works on Mathews Drive, first experienced “Hilton Head Head.” Eventually purchasing a home on the island, they raised a son and a daughter, who now live with them along with Dayton’s mother.

Doing for others is a thread that runs through the professional and personal lives of these partners who complement each other well, whether working with clients, taking time with family, or working within the community. Both equally adept at the construction/business side of real estate and the lifestyle aspects, Carroll said, “I’m probably more of the nuts-and-bolts side—talking about elevation, and termites, and types of rafters and floor joists; Tracy is more about the lifestyle. However, Tracy has a builder background, and I do bring a lot about the lifestyle because I live it. There’s a real camaraderie.”

Former New Yorkers and clients, Claudia and Tim Aller value the long-term relationship they have forged with Carroll and Dayton. “It’s because of Tracy that we’re here,” Claudia said. “She is a great representative of life on Hilton Head. We bought a house the one week we were here. We did not have that intention. We owned property in New York. We both had jobs in New York.”

Returning north for several months, the Allers sing Dayton’s praises. “Tracy helped us find a contractor; Tracy helped us find a landscaper; Tracy popped over to our house to make sure everything was being done properly by contractors when we couldn’t be there ourselves. She saw things through way beyond just helping us pick the right house,” Claudia said. “I am a big believer in Tracy Dayton and Dave Carroll. I have a lot of friends who come down here now from Pittsburgh and New York. I refer every single person that comes down on vacation to them just so they can see the island and find out what island life is like. They’ve turned into friends.”

In addition to their charitable work benefitting causes, including breast cancer, Habitat for Humanity®, the Lowcountry Pregnancy Center, and Experience Green™, Carroll and Dayton will be filling baskets for those in need throughout the holiday season. Providing brimming baskets of holiday meals for distribution by Holy Family Catholic Church and St. Francis by the Sea Catholic Church has long been a tradition for Carroll. This year Carroll & Dayton Real Estate will also be supporting Operation Buy a Holiday Feast for a Needy Family. From now through the end of the year, for every listing appointment the partnership goes on, whether they sign the listing or not, they will buy a turkey dinner to support the cause.

It was a charitable event that brought them together, and it was their axis of family, community, and clients that forged their partnership. Realtors build their brand one day at a time, one relationship at a time. David Carroll and Tracy Dayton are focused on what they can do for others. The rest will take care of itself. 

For more information, please visit or call David Carroll at (843) 384-8111 or Tracy Dayton at (843) 686-4000. In the coming weeks, be sure to check out Carroll & Dayton Real Estate’s latest listings of brand new, high-end, ocean-oriented properties.

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