October 2016

Shear Miracle: Coloring for a Cause

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Purple-colored hair can be a real conversation starter. Sending clients out into the world with streaks and splashes of rather unnatural hair color is a great way to start the conversation about the causes that touch the heart of Chris Spado, owner of Shear Miracle salon on Hilton Head Island. “People ask people why they colored their hair like that,” she said. “They can start a dialogue.” And maybe even spark a miracle.

Cause awareness by color has become de rigueur for Spado and her team of four stylists, who willingly apply virtually any hair color in the name of a cause. It took hold with the salon’s fall 2015 fundraiser benefitting the non-profit organization Citizens Opposed to Domestic Abuse (CODA). A benefactor offered to match the funds raised by Shear Miracle during the month of October, and Spado set a goal of $1,000. “We reached that really quickly,” she said. “We switched it to $2,000, which we met. With the matching funds, we ended up raising $4,000.”

CODA’s signature color purple was everywhere. “I was asked if I would help by doing purple hair for the CODA fundraiser,” Spado said. “It went crazy. We ended up having purple hand prints on our windows—like hands against abuse. Anybody could put their handprint up there and write whatever statement they wanted.”

Wanting her clients to feel relaxed, Spado encourages conversations about people issues, rather than political issues of any kind, she said. “The people who sit in your chair will tell you the most personal things. I think it’s the job.” She has found conversations about her charitable activities can spark miracles. “I had a client tell me about working in a hospital in New York. A woman was brought in who was badly beaten, and her husband snuck in the hospital and murdered her. He said his whole life this woman haunted him. He wanted to do something, but he didn’t know what. He said my fundraiser gave him an idea these many years later. He donated a large sum of money and he had me color his hair purple.”

On the heels of her CODA fundraising success, Spado was approached by Hope Haven of the Lowcountry, a non-profit accredited Child Advocacy Center serving victims of child abuse and sexual violence in Beaufort, Jasper, Colleton, Hampton, and Allendale counties. A cause that spoke to her personally, Spado said yes to an April 2016 fundraiser. “We were doing teal hair and teal ombres, and we had a raffle. The raffle tickets were a big hit. We had a woman who wanted to remain anonymous who donated all the raffle prizes.”

Phyllis Patterson gets her hair dyed purple. During the month of October, if you make a donation to CODA through Shear Miracle, you will be entered to win one of several raffle prizes. Winners will be announced in Shear Miracle’s November ad in CH2 & CB2 magazines.

“A lot of ladies had blue or teal put in their hair in the spring for the fundraiser, and it’s now the fall and they’re not quitting,” Spado said. “It’s still raising awareness for the cause. Since these ladies are coming back and getting their color done monthly, I’m taking the $10 [it costs] and putting it into my donations fund. When I write my donation check it will include all that too.”

Shear Miracle raised $2,000 during their 2016 Hope Haven fundraiser, and Spado looks forward to making both the CODA and the Hope Haven events her annual charitable endeavors for the fall and the spring, focusing on other charitable causes in the months in between, all with the support of her clients. “They’ll call me up and say, ‘What’s the color going to be next month? Just let me know and I’ll come get my color done.’”

With over 25 years of doing hair on Hilton Head Island, Spado said, “A lot of my customers aren’t customers anymore; they’re family. In some way, shape, or form they’re touched by this. They know somebody who has been touched in some way. It’s a good thing to be able to have something to make them feel good that they’re participating in, and I want them to know their names are out there. This is not in my name. They’re all part of this.” Shear Miracle’s goal for this October’s CODA event is $2,000. “I’d like to find someone to match our funds again this year.”

With fall’s arrival, Spado said that color is trending not only for charitable causes. “In the fall, people are getting into toning down those heavy highlights from summer. We have a lot of people going back to their darker color. It seems the trends are the rich browns with a little tint of red in the background. I also have some clients who are beautiful dark blondes too.” Shear Miracle uses Keune color products, a 90-year-old Dutch company known for excellent colorant. “The color pigment holds. It doesn’t fade as quickly as other colors do,” Spado said. “I’ve used a lot of different brands of color, and this one, by far, I think is the best.”

For Spado, miracles are everywhere, if you just look for them. “I have a super amount of faith in God. He just always provides. The miracles show up.” The newly purchased island home she shares with her husband provided its own miracle. “My new house came with the furniture for $1. It was way too much furniture, so I called CODA and they had a lady who needed furniture for her house. Miracles!” And it all started with a conversation and a little purple hair dye. 

Shear Miracle is located at 6 Bow Circle, Hilton Head Island. To make an appointments or for more information about their services including weddings, special events, and fundraisers, please call (843) 785-4333, and look for them on Facebook.

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