October 2016

Editors Note: 7 Things I learned by reading this Issue

Author: Maggie Washo

Even though I am heavily involved in the entire process of getting this magazine out every month, there are always pleasant surprises when I finally sit down to read it cover to cover. It may be in the artistic way Catherine, our art director, decided to craft a certain layout, or some clever bit in an ad that Hunter created for a new advertiser. It’s nice to see it all put together and enjoy it as the reader does. Much like the reader, I like some stories better than others—and certain subjects (fashion, self-help, finance, and local business profiles) tend to capture my attention more than others. Golf. Pretty much just golf in this column.

Here are a few things that caught my attention this month:

Œ Barry Kaufman thinks America was pretty great back in 1989. Maybe it’s just because I am also an ’80s kid, but I completely agree with him. 1989 was a very good year indeed (A Line in the Sand column, page 35).

Those Chocolat Blu whiskey boots from Palmettoes (page 39) had my name on them. The necklaces from Traveling Chic Boutique on page 102 also ended up at my house. I did a lot of shopping in the office this month. I love it when we shoot fashion in our studio!

Ž I had no idea what chintz was before reading Kitty’s article about it on page 53.
 Chris Spado has been doing my hair for over 20 years, and I enjoy hanging out with her once a month wherever her chair is located. Now that she owns her own business, she’s giving back by raising money for CODA and others in need. I couldn’t be more proud of her and her big heart! (See Coloring for a Cause on page 120.)

 Meredith and Jim Bannon crack me up. Check out their silly ad on page 80. Who says lawyers can’t be fun?!

‘ There is food porn on page 99. It’s going to make you want to make a reservation at Pomodori this weekend.

’ There are two thought-provoking financial articles in the back of this issue, so make sure you read all the way to the end. Lew Wessel pushed pause on retirement long enough to write about our un-American tax system (page 137), and Kent Thune has tips on keeping money in perspective (page 133).

Have a fabulous October. Here’s hoping the temperature dips below 90 degrees and it actually feels like fall this month! 

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