September 2016

Editor's Note: A Decade of Celebrating

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Is it just me, or do accomplishments and goals lose their luster in the rearview mirror? What seems like such a momentous occasion in the future becomes old hat once you achieve it. My mom says I have a touch of my father’s “Is that all there is?” syndrome. I think it’s just part of my nature to constantly set new and difficult goals. CH2’s 10-year anniversary has me thinking.

Reaching this milestone seemed unlikely in the beginning. When we started Celebrate Hilton Head (CH2) in September of 2006, things were great, but a financial recession rivaling the Great Depression was about to arrive. Add to that the fact that only 10 percent of new magazines in the United States make it to their tenth anniversary; we definitely were up against the odds.

Then came the advent of the big “print is dead” push. With 20/20 hindsight, we now know that was a brilliant catchphrase coined by those selling digital advertising…or Egon Spengler? Guess what’s been around longer than TV, radio and digital advertising? Newspapers. And magazines.

A friend told me the other day I should be proud of my staff and myself for all we’ve accomplished. It made me stop and think for a minute. Yes, I am proud of my staff. I am proud that they trust me to lead them, and I am happy they put up with my not-so-shining moments. Proud of myself? I don’t think so. Mostly I am just grateful. Grateful to be doing something I love. Grateful to all of the local business owners who believe we are offering a useful service. Grateful that my friends still text me photos of tourists reading our magazine cover-to-cover on the beach.

I plan to be here 10 years from now. Then we’ll REALLY celebrate. 

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