August 2016

2016 CH2/CB2 Photography Contest Top 10!

Author: Special to CH2

Last month we brought back CH2’s Facebook Photo contest, with a grand prize of $500 cash offered to the winner. Although we took into consideration the popular vote (as determined by LIKES) , the Art Department reserved the right to pick our own winner. In this case, we agreed with the people – congratulations to Donna Oldt-Zigelstein! Her submitted photo of “Daddy’s Girls” bathed in a golden light generated almost 1000 likes and is visually stunning. As promised, the Top 10 (as determined by LIKES on the photo) are also featured in this issue.

Without further ado, please turn the page to see what a talented group of photographers the Lowcountry has…

Old Oyster Shrimp Company in Bluffton
Photography by Donna Oldt-Zigelstein

A visiting families first trip to any beach
Photography by Christy Mccombie

247 baby curve driftwood beach
Photography by Vanessa Lessig

Cranford Hollow
Photography by Preston Havill

Heron Sunset
Photography by Eric Rayburn

Photography by Lucia Rodriguez

Photography by Darby Ward

Photography by Erin Rene

Daughter’s Second Birthday
Photography by Tara Gonzalez Skinner

The Church of the Cross Bluffton
Photography by Carolina Xiao

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