August 2016

August 2016: Letters to the Editor

Author: Special to CH2

Dear Bluffton Village Festival MEDIA Sponsor:
What a success!!! The 38th Annual Bluffton Village Festival in early May went off this year without a hitch and we continue to hear rave reviews. It brought the community together and raised a significant amount of money for worthwhile local needs and services. We are still tallying the end result.
On behalf of the Rotary Club of Bluffton. I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful. It continues to be the vision of the Rotary Club and the BVF Committee to provide our friends and visitors with a wonderful event that shows off the best that Bluffton has to offer. Your generous contribution helped make our idea a reality.
Each year we continue to make improvements to the Bluffton Village Festival and continue to value our partnership with our sponsors, knowing these relationships are vital to the success of the Mayfest. We appreciate you and look forward to working with you again next year!

Thank you again!
Sincerely, Lisa and David
David Hussey, 2016 BVF Chair
Lisa Carroll, Publicity & Marketing
The Rotary Club of Bluffton


Dear Ms. Washo,
While paging through the CB2 magazine last evening, we came across an article entitled, Fatherhood, by Barry Kaufmann. On top of page 46, there is a rectangular box containing a profane word that has no business being in any magazine that is distributed to and read by all families.  This word is not only extremely offensive, but does not contribute anything to what is supposed to be a humorous article.  As editor-in-chief, we are appalled that you would allow this filth to be printed.  We hope that in the future you would more closely screen what is printed in your magazine.
Christopher and Kimberly Hinson
Bluffton, SC


Dear Maggie,
I always enjoy reading your publication, whether it’s for restaurant suggestions, real estate opportunities, or the discovery of a new retailer worth supporting. I must tell you though that in your last issue, the small article/editorial by Mayor Sulka on the state of parking in Bluffton generated the same physical ‘responses’ in me that many of those rides at Disney World had on my kids when we frequented those parks.

When the mayor of our small town suggests walking or boating as a solution to the parking issues in downtown Bluffton, it answers most of the questions I’ve had about leadership in this area and those who support them. Is our fearless leader really suggesting to my 90 year old mother that if she wants to go tour downtown Bluffton (and all its wonderful shops), she better strap on her best pair of Nike’s and set the alarm clock for some pre-dawn hour because it’s a heck of a walk from Rose Hill to downtown Bluffton, and then back?!

To offer words of encouragement like… “alternative transportation reduces the number of vehicles needing parking spaces” is a lot like encouraging folks to take a scenic ride on the Titanic because “you’ll be part of history.” Both statements are true, but hardly the kind of forward thinking that solves problems.

Yes, if those of us who live more than 1-2 miles away from downtown Bluffton can secure golf carts, dog sleds, skateboards, hang gliders, Disney-like shuttle buses, or anything else other than a car to come visit the pride of Mayor Sulka’s kingdom, then yes we can avoid a parking problem in downtown Bluffton. Problem is too many of us are too old to surf, sail, or scoot our way across town, and if we could, how would we carry home all of our wonderful treasures from our big day in town? And in June, July, or August? The only alternative means of transportation that will work for me then (and help the mayor avoid air pollution and the need for additional asphalt) is the paramedics and the ambulance ride I’ll need to get to Hilton Head Hospital!

I know her PIO probably provides these articles for you to use, but occasionally someone should read it first and decide if it’s meant for laughs or have our political leaders just run out of excuses and instead are going to offer empty suggestions. I’d rather you leave her space blank next time then read how my 4-5 mile hike – one-way – to downtown Bluffton when it’s over 90 degrees outside will help “reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks, or Type 2 diabetes.” Really Dr. Phil? How many 70, 80, or 90 year olds did you see hoofing it around Disney World?

I cannot imagine the leader of any other tourist-driven community telling prospective guests that as long as they can get to the town in anything other than a car, they’re welcome to come and spend their hard earned dollars. Seriously???

Thanks again for your wonderful work and product. Usually I find it most enjoyable reading!

Andrew Miller
P.S. If this is indeed the mayor’s solution, then I’d like to announce that I’ll be opening the Bluffton Sherpa Company; we’ll help those willing to walk to Bluffton to carry home all of their treasures and supplies. It will cost them an arm and a leg for us to walk all that stuff home for them, but their lungs and heart will be stronger than ever!


Dear Ms. Washo,
The Cooks & Books Steering Committee would like to thank CH2 for their support of our events this February.  The feature article, “Cooks & Books Celebrates 10 Year of Literacy in the Lowcountry” was a great tribute to the power of being able to read a book and the importance of literacy to our community. 

 This year was the first year our gala was a sell out with over 300 people dining, dancing, and bidding for amazing items in live and silent auctions.  Our Sunday celebration was a huge success with 16 restaurants serving their signature tastings, 20 award winning Lowcountry authors at the “Writers’ Block” bookfair and the always exciting chef’s competition, “The Heat is On.” 

By featuring Lowcountry leaders with their favorite books you helped promote our event, stressed the importance of The Literacy Center to the community and acknowledged the dignity and self-reliance that reading provides for people.

We are very thankful – as are the hundreds of students and families we serve at TLC!

Pam Wall
Executive Director
The Literacy Center


**Mr. Paul deVere, **
I have been meaning to write you about how much I enjoy your articles.The article on Waddell is really good and so important for people to understand. Also, I enjoyed your article on the Port Royal Sound Maritime Center. Please visit again because the picture you have from the shucking room of the oysters, shrimp and crabs is only part of that whole exhibit. The second section was finished shortly before the end of October. Of course, there will be additions such as more power points on the screens and a map showing the location of the “oyster factories”, which includes 12 on Daufuskie Island. In addition, I plan to add some more videos.

I believe that recognition of the importance of the community rallying to fight having a plant on the Colleton River would be a great addition to the Center. Hopefully they will also decide to let one go up.

Keep up the good work.
Beverly Jennings

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