July 2016

July 2016: Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo

1) Mayors Sulka (Bluffton) and Bennett (Hilton Head Island) have been busy working on town budgets for 2016/2017 over the last few months. Check out page 38 for the highlights. Did you know that the Hilton Head Island town taxes on a house valued at $350,000 are only $310 a year? I didn’t! Do you know whom we can thank for that? Our visitors. There will be plenty around this month – pick one and say thank-you.

2) We have a fairly large section devoted to the USA and its residents in this issue, and we encouraged our advertisers to show their patriotic side in their ads. Over 30 participated, but my favorite is Local Pie’s ad on page 158. Why, you ask? Because if you mention the word AMERICA at Local Pie, you get free garlic knots. And I LIKE garlic knots.

3) The Catholic Church will not let you march down the aisle to the American National Anthem. (Page 45)

4) “Sake a mout fish get ketch.” This is a Jamaican proverb that translated means “Because of its mouth, the fish got caught.” To drill it down even further for those of you who may be having a fruity drink on the beach as you read this…Talking too much will get you in trouble. For more Jamaican proverbs, read Milton’s profile on page 58.

5) A lot of Generation X were latchkey kids, which made them self-sufficient, self-absorbed and…quick to divorce? Sounds about right. (Page 66.)

6) I need to watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It sounds like a movie I would love.

7) The artist who created the charming Village at Wexford painting that I’ve seen knocking around for years was Jean O’Fee. Wally Smith commissioned it as a marketing piece in 1989. (Page 88)

8) If the Tuesday night fireworks get rained out at Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina, every effort will be made to shoot them off on Wednesday night instead. (Page 99)

9) Courtney Hampson spent 30 days without Facebook and survived. I bet she inspires you to do the same after you read her article on page 103.

10) Laughing is good for your memory. (Page 114)

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