June 2016

Walk In Strut Out:European Wax Center Reveals Beautiful Skin

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

The European Wax Ladies at the Bluffton, South Carolina location (from left to right)
Kara Hughes, Hannah Cagas, Codi Ellis, owner Cheryl Twillmann, Erica Monson, and Jodi Encapera

No longer a second-, or third-, or even fourth-tier service offered by salons, body waxing has become a premier personal service, and the European Wax Center franchise has made it accessible, and exceedingly comfortable for everyone who wants to reveal their own beautiful skin and establish a course of care to help it stay that way for a long time. Opened by franchise owner Cheryl Twillmann in July 2015, Bluffton’s European Wax Center spent the first four days after the grand opening providing all their services complimentary to anyone wishing to experience the spa-like setting, superior customer care provided by her team, and the gentle, botanically-based products used for their services and available for purchase to take home. “Once upon a time, waxing was considered a vanity thing,” Twillmann said. “I don’t think it’s a vanity thing any more. When you feel good about yourself you exude confidence; and waxing provides health benefits to the skin as it provides exfoliation that promotes cellular regeneration.”

Twillmann’s second location in Savannah opened in May, with her third locale to come in Pooler, and a fourth is in the planning stages. A relative newcomer to the Lowcountry, Twillmann moved to Palmetto Bluff with her husband two years ago, bringing her 25-plus years of experience opening and running hotels in New York City to her new burgeoning business. A customer first, she learned how exceptional the European Wax Center experience could be.

“I had a friend who owned a European Wax Center,” Twillmann said. “She invited me to get anything I wanted done. I had my arms done and was hooked from that moment on. My skin looked and felt amazing. It was the quality and cleanliness, it was the friendliness, it was the feeling I got when I was there. It made all the difference in the world.”

The European Wax Center franchise was launched in 2004. Now with over 600 franchise licensees, the Coba family in Aventura, Florida, combined their family salon experience, their South American heritage, where waxing was truly a mainstream practice, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the three Coba siblings, and began researching and testing what would become their trademarked “Comfort Wax,” made in Europe, primarily of bees wax and other skin-healthy ingredients.

“It is a proprietary formula of their comfort blend that includes vitamins A, C and E and botanicals found in their wax and other products. The wax is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and is designed to just adhere to the hair and not the skin,” Twillmann said. An animal advocate, Twillmann immediately identified with the European Wax Center’s commitment to products produced without any animal by-products or animal testing. “Except for the beeswax of course; but there’s been no harm done to the bees,” she said. “People who wax love our wax. People who have never waxed are surprised by how gentle it is.”

The luxurious blue beads melt into a gorgeous purple wax, and are formulated to be exceedingly gentle. “The wax is applied to the skin and dries in 10 seconds. We peel it off, making the process much more comfortable,” Twillmann said. Gone are the days of hot wax, strips, and ripping. “There’s so much more to it than just applying wax and pulling. It’s the direction you pull. It is the condition and hydration of one’s skin. You have to look at the hair growth. Hair grows in many different ways, and it grows in three different cycles,” she explained.

The new STRUT product line is displayed on shelves in the waiting lounge.

Codi Ellis walks down the hallway flanked by private treatment rooms at the Bluffton European Wax Center location.

The entrance, retail and waiting area of European Wax Center’s Bluffton location.

Highly trained professionals are the key to all the services provided at European Wax Center. “We believe in training,” Twillmann said. As a minimum requirement, her Bluffton waxing team must be South Carolina State board certified estheticians or cosmetologists. “But that’s not good enough for us. We give weeks of additional training. My lead esthetician has been in the business for 10 years; she’s licensed in three states, and she still spent a month in training with us before we let her wax.”

In addition to their splendid wax, European Wax Center is thrilled to introduce Strut 365™, their new line of freshly formulated face and body products, including three collections. STRUT SMOOTHLY™, an anti-aging skin care line of exfoliates, secret-weapon ingrown hair treatments and a restoring serum; STRUT LAVISHLY™, a bath and body collection including ultra-hydrating body lotions, a body wash and a body polish. Each of the three products comes in three lovely scents: Cheeky Strut, Graceful Strut and Sensual Strut; and STRUT BOLDLY™, a brow collection of powders, highlighters and other invaluable tools.

“Our product line is designed not only for people who wax, but for people who want to take extra care of their skin,” Twillmann said. “If someone doesn’t wax and they still want to have incredibly beautiful skin, it’s developed and designed not to leave a film, and it absorbs beautifully.”

Newly appointed manager of their Savannah shop and expert esthetician Jodi Encapera is animated about the new dual formulations of their exfoliators—one for the face and one the body. “The new Renew Me Restoring Serum is an actual face exfoliator,” she said. “One of the main things necessary for keeping the skin younger and smoother is exfoliating two to three times a week. It’s a serum and will sink into the skin deeper than moisturizers and lotions.”

European Wax Center offers face and body waxing services for men, women and adolescents. Prepared to answer any questions about waxing at any stage in life, Twillmann and her team are committed to creating the most comfortable, clean, nurturing, trustworthy, experience possible for all their guests.

Finding a refreshing life-work balance, Twillmann said, “The people here are lovely. There’s a quality of life here that you don’t realize you’re missing until you come and you’re able to embrace it. I love my roots, but between the traffic, the cost of living, the congestion of people, coming down here has been a breath of fresh air.” And her guests at European Wax Center are ever so grateful that she has found her niche here in the Lowcountry.

 European Wax Center in Bluffton is located at 1019 Fording Island Road. For more information or to make an appointment, please visit waxcenter.com or call (843) 757-9291. European Wax Center in Savannah is located at 318 Mall Boulevard.

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