June 2016

June 2016: Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo

In all of my 40 years, I don’t ever remember so much chitter-chatter, ranting and pontificating on an election. It’s on Facebook, in The Island Packet, on TV’s rotating 24-hour “talking head” news cycle. It’s showing up in my group text messages between friends.

I’m over it. Let me tell you why you can all stop talking about it and being so angry.

My political beliefs are based on my very unique situation. Just like your political beliefs are based on your very unique situation. You cannot expect a 55-year-old coal miner from West Virginia, whose very existence and livelihood is dependent on that industry, to vote for the same person as a 25-year-old tech kid making $170,000 a year in San Francisco. It’s not going to happen no matter how much talking (debating…yelling?) is done on the subject.

Here’s another example. A person who has been habitually sick his entire life and could not get health insurance prior to Obamacare is not going to vote for the same person as someone who has had the benefit of good health (and a reasonably low health insurance rate) for his entire life.

Wait, here’s another one. Someone who is single and has no desire to ever have children is not going to vote for a tax hike to help pay for everyone else’s children in school.

There’s a reason you shouldn’t talk politics at a dinner party. And as far as I’m concerned, you can stop talking about it in text messages and on Facebook, too. God bless Instagram and its photo-only format for keeping one form of social media semi-safe for public consumption. Bring on the dog and baby photos, please!

Now, let’s all make a concentrated effort to enjoy the summer months and talk about something other than what an idiot, crook, liar (insert politician’s name here) is. 


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