April 2016

Coastal Pools: Building on Your Investment

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

The sun has reached its apex over a perfectly clear day on Hilton Head Island. The temperature is expected to peak at about 85 degrees and winds are luffing gently, evident only in the drifting tops of the palms and pines. A bird’s eye view reveals plantation landscapes dotted with sparkling pools in organic kidney shapes, angular, geometric shapes, and unexpected natural configurations. Then, splash! The stillness is broken with a cannonball here, a swan dive there, or a massive belly flop. Whether swimming laps, floating aimlessly on the lookout for the occasional cloud, playing volleyball, or using it as backdrop for entertaining, a swimming pool is an investment—an investment in your real estate, in your family, and in your lifestyle.

Investing in a pool will improve your life in several distinct ways, and selecting the right professional to design, build, renovate, repair, or maintain your investment is critical to reaping the rewards. In business for 26 years, Coastal Pools has built their reputation pool by pool and customer by customer. Owners Dan and Audrey Geoffroy attribute their success to maintaining their hands-on approach to every project, providing the same level of singular attention and commitment to quality they have provided from the beginning with their first customers (some of whom are still customers) to their current customers.

Specializing in new pool and spa construction and renovation, Dan is a licensed contractor in South Carolina with a specialty in swimming pools. Bonded and insured, his scope of work can range from commercial pools and fountains, to residential projects. “Dan is all hands-on,” Audrey said. “He’s there on every project from the get-go. We’re a small company so it’s all personal service. He meets with you, and he’s there every day when the job is underway.”

Working with Dan means knowing that if something is not right, he will do whatever is necessary to set it right before going forward. “It is critical to our business that I am there on every project, overlooking and catching mistakes,” he said. “If there’s a mistake, it’s going to be torn up and made right. New customers find us mainly through word of mouth.”

Given their long Lowcountry history, the Geoffroys and Coastal Pools provide some distinct advantages to their clients. They have successfully installed and maintained pools in nearly every plantation and community on Hilton Head Island, and several off-island as well. Understanding the unique nature of each community and of the town, allows them to move more efficiently through the permitting and construction phases of each project.

Once the job is complete, Coastal Pools offers a menu of maintenance services that allow the property owners to simply swim and enjoy their investment. Services include: chemical testing and adjustment, skimming of debris, brushing as needed, emptying baskets, vacuuming, pressure checks, filter cleaning, operation inspection, and blow-off around pool area. The Lowcountry presents some specific challenges for pool maintenance, including the potential for a large number of people using your pool—most likely when there are renters on the property. The greater the number of people in the pool, the more the pH goes up, and as the pH goes up, chlorine levels are depleted. Additionally, the area’s heat and humidity will create algae bloom, producing pollen that will clog the filters. Having the Coastal Pools maintenance crew attending to the care and keeping of your pool certainly provides peace of mind.

Building or renovating a pool involves selecting materials that dictate the overall aesthetic of the project. “We do a lot of aggregate; blue aggregate with white background is pretty standard. Florida stucco, which is similar to Pebble Tec is the most durable surface today,” Dan said. “We’re also doing a lot of paver decks, a lot of travertine. People are interested in bringing in a more natural look.”

Installing salt water pools or retrofitting the existing equipment to transition from chlorinated water to salt water is popular today. “We can add the cell that goes into the return line on an existing system, and that’s what converts the salt and chlorine,” Dan said. With one sixth the amount of salt as in ocean water, the water in a saltwater pool has a softer feel. “The benefits are you can open your eyes for longer periods under water, you don’t get out feeling itchy, and you don’t have the strong chlorine smell.”

Coastal Pools is experienced and skilled at building some of today’s trending design features, including negative edge pools where the horizon visually marries with the pool surface, and pools with darker-colored bottoms creating an almost mirror-like surface effect. The Geoffroys are building sun ledges into many new pools. A sun ledge (a.k.a. sun shelf or tanning ledge) is a flat portion of the pool’s floor designed to be only a few inches below the surface of the water in order to accommodate chairs, bubblers, or sitting directly in the water.

Another design consideration that can be a whole lot of fun involves lighting choices. “Lighting has gone from incandescent to LED,” Dan said. “LED has color and white and burns approximately 12 watts versus the 500-watt light bulb we used to install. They boast 6,000 hours, but we haven’t seen one go out yet.” This kind of efficiency allows customers to enjoy the beauty of their pool areas every day after dark. Smart phones are also making their presence known in the pool business, Dan said. There are now apps that Coastal Pools can recommend to customers to regulate the pool and spa temperatures, and to control the lighting.

Installing or renovating a pool is an investment—one that increases the value of your property, one that improves time spent with family and friends, and one that benefits your lifestyle. The team at
Coastal Pools welcomes the opportunity to be a part of building the pool that suits you to a T and hopes to be with you throughout the years as you enjoy the rewards of your investment. 

For more information, please call (843) 686-4812 or visit coastalpoolshhi.com.

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