June 2007

Isn’t it Time You Put Yourself First?

Author: Linda Hopkins

If the above list looks remotely familiar, perhaps its time for a to-do list makeover. Most of us take pride in being all about everyone else, putting our own needs last while we selflessly run ourselves ragged. What would happen if you turned your list upside down and put yourself first for a change?

In today’s fast-paced, pressurized world, people often notice that their mood improves and they work more effectively after taking time out for themselves. As both men and women discover the value of a little “me time,” two island entrepreneurs and their staff are making their business all about you.

What would you like to do for yourself today? Whether it’s a facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, haircut, bikini wax or a new pair of earrings, All About Me can meet those needs and more. Hidden away at the Village Exchange, this unique full-service day spa offers the cozy environment of home minus the responsibilities and stresses that inevitably await at your house. Think low lights, soft music and cushy places to sit; and don’t be surprised if you are offered a glass of champagne or a bottle of water. According to co-owners, Rebecca Halley and Rachel Jackson, customer service is their top priority. “People walk in here and they feel comfortable immediately,” said Halley.

“Everyone who works for us shares our passion for customer service,” she continued, citing specific examples of employees going out of their way for their clients, including staying late to accommodate busy schedules and digging up information about other needed services.

According to Halley, hairstylist, Greg “Hollywood” Letizia was recently seen in the back room, painstakingly testing a strand of the customer’s hair before applying her color. He has also been known to call clients the next day to ask if they are satisfied with the result. (When was the last time your hairstylist called to make sure you were happy?)

Each customer is greeted, welcomed and cared for individually. “When you go to a spa, you should have a good time and enjoy it. There’s no reason for it to be stuffy or cold,” said Jackson, explaining the underlying concept that sets the business apart from other spas: “Everyone who walks in the door is instantly a part of our family.”

Customers agree that the level of service is phenomenal. “The spirit of the people goes beyond any caring service I have received anywhere. They truly go above and beyond to accommodate their clients,” said long-term local customer, Iva Welton.

“Their professional approach to customer service is superb,” added Carol Schembra, another loyal island customer. “It’s a great stress reliever to go there. They make you feel very special.”

The same attention to detail applies to group services, such as bridal parties, birthday celebrations or a girls’ night out. “Every event is fully coordinated so that all you have to do is walk in the door,” said Halley.

In addition to meticulous service, All About Me offers unique gifts such as handmade jewelry, elegant evening bags, stationary, aromatherapy candles and, of course, products to pamper yourself.

As a follow up to the very best treatments, they also carry the finest product lines for home care, including luxurious PureOlogy® hair care, MD Skincare®, Catherine Atzen® anti-aging products and Jane Iredale—The Skincare Makeup®.

But don’t expect a hard sell. “The aestheticians will recommend appropriate products to improve and maintain your skin between treatments, but they do not push,” said Halley. More than likely, they will send you home with samples before you buy, she added.

“It’s not about how much money you spend. You have to be happy with the results,” said Jackson. And results bring customers back.

According to Halley, approximately 90 percent of the clientele at All About Me is local, indicating plenty of repeat business and lots of word-of-mouth advertising. “Our customers are the best,” she said.

Celebrating five years in business together, Halley and Jackson invite you to rearrange your to-do list and see how it feels to put yourself first.

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32 Palmetto Bay Rd. St. A-13
Hilton Head, SC 29928

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