March 2016

Island Bagel and Deli: Not Just for Breakfast!

Author: Kent Thune | Photographer: John Brackett

Who doesn’t love a good bagel done the right way? Add great coffee and a diverse lunch menu with a wide variety of deli meats and specialty sandwiches to choose from, and you have something much more than just a great breakfast place—you have Island Bagel & Deli.

Mark Stone, owner of Island Bagel & Deli boasts about his authentic bagels. “We have real New York style boiled bagels made from scratch and baked fresh every morning in a bagel oven. A lot of other restaurants use bread ovens for their bagels,” he said.

For bagel fans that like more than just a well-made plain bagel, there are 14 different kinds to try. There’s poppy, onion, chocolate chip, sun-dried tomato, sesame, blueberry, salt, pumpernickel, jalapeno, cinnamon raisin, multigrain, garlic, asiago, and the popular everything bagel. But you don’t have to stop there with the flavor party; there are just as many flavored cream cheeses, which are so good that you might want to order a few extra to go, either in the 2-ounce size or the 8-ounce container.

Stone isn’t the only person who recognizes a great bagel when they see (and eat) one. “My New York customers tell me my bagels are the best they’ve had outside of New York. I had one customer in Tennessee ask to have some of our bagels overnighted to her as a gift for her husband,” Stone said.

That authenticity extends to their other menu items. “We make literally everything we sell,” Stone said. “Our pimento cheese is homemade; we roast our own real turkey breast; and we have a full line of deli meats including roast beef, ham, salami, and pastrami.”

As you may have guessed by now, Island Bagel & Deli is not just a place to get your favorite bagel breakfast, but it’s also an outstanding lunch venue. Customers can have sandwiches on bagels or on hoagie rolls or wraps.

When it’s time for lunch, you’ll want to check out one of their many specialty sandwiches. For the meat lover, the Kitchen Sink includes certified Angus roast beef, ham, pulled turkey, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Russian dressing, all served hot on a toasted hoagie roll. For the veggie lover, The Mega Veggie has lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers, black olives, green peppers, cucumbers, sprouts, avocado, choice of cheese, and lite veggie cream cheese, all served cold on a hoagie roll.

The favorite menu item is aptly named, Our Favorite, which is a lunch sandwich with shredded turkey breast, bacon, provolone cheese, cream cheese, and avocado spread. “The texture of the shredded turkey really brings out the flavor,” Stone said.

Other popular sandwiches include the Bacon Bagel Burger and, of course, their breakfast sandwiches, which are served on your choice of bagel or wheat berry, rye or sourdough bread or croissant. To satisfy the sweet tooth, they have fresh pastries including muffins, Danish, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and several kinds of scones.

For those customers not in the mood for specialty sandwiches for lunch or authentic bagels for breakfast, Island Bagel & Deli offers a garden salad and a tuna, chicken or egg salad.

Classic Bacon Cheeseburger on a poppyseed bagel
Signature Pulled turkey sandwich on a hoagie roll

And don’t forget the beverages! Any respectable place that features bagels always offers good coffee. Island Bagel & Deli offers what many coffee lovers prefer over Starbucks: Seattle’s Best coffee, which is so good that Starbucks bought the Seattle-based coffee maker. Customers can get regular, hazelnut, vanilla bean or decaf in a 16-ounce or 20-ounce size. The Hilton Head lsland location also has espresso and flavored lattes.
But of course customers aren’t limited to coffee or lattes for drinks. Other choices include homemade hot chocolate, hot tea, Tazo flavored teas, fountain sodas, juices, milk, bottled water, and bottled soda.

Believe it or not, we’ve only covered the basics of the menu at Island Bagel & Deli. There really is something for everyone at this Lowcountry eatery. Once the food is ordered, customers can eat in, take out, or sit outside and enjoy the coastal air. You might even be inspired to share Island Bagel & Deli with your friends and family on a larger scale and take advantage of their catering.

And remember: Island Bagel & Deli is not just for breakfast! Yes, it’s New York style boiled bagels, signature cream cheeses, breakfast sandwiches, fresh baked pastries, and coffee, but it’s also a wide variety of specialty lunch sandwiches that you won’t find at just any restaurant around town.
Island Bagel & Deli has two locations. Hilton Head Island’s is in the South Island Square Plaza (half mile south of Palmetto Dunes) at 841 William Hilton Parkway (Highway 278). The Bluffton location is in Sheridan Park (near the DMV) at 17 Sherington Drive. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., daily. For more information, call (843) 686-3353 or (843) 815-5300 or visit

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