February 2016

Savor the Lowcountry

Author: Becca Edwards | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

It’s nourishment for the soul and nosh for the history hungry. It provisions local economies and delivers morsels of insight into cultures. And like a well-plated version of your favorite fare, Savor the Lowcountry infuses all of these delicious notes into their culinary walking tours.

“Savor the Lowcountry opened for business in March 2012 with our signature Savor Coligny food tour,” said Alice Reid, co-owner of Savor the Lowcountry with Kelsey Watson. “I got the idea for [it] when I took a food tour in Scottsdale, Arizona while on an annual girls’ weekend with my mom and sisters. My love of food and dining out was the catalyst for starting my own tour. Next to a good cookbook, my favorite thing to read is a good menu!”

Recently, my husband Lee and I treated ourselves to the Savor Coligny tour as a mid-afternoon date—a decision that proved to fill our bellies with good food, our minds with interesting information and our hearts with a memorable time. The tour began at 1:45 p.m. at Coligny Beach. Even though both of us grew up on Hilton Head Island, Lee and I felt like giddy tourists in our town as we spotted the Savor the Lowcountry sign held by Watson—a curly haired blonde with a born-for-television-smile and the unique ability to talk to anyone—and our fellow foodie-touring new friends.

“I’m going to pass around this sign-up sheet,” Watson said addressing the crowd. “I also have a bottle of water for everyone.” As we filled out our name and e-mail address on the master list, Watson approached everyone individually and made sure she knew their name and their food preference; in our group there was a gluten-free and a pork and beef-free person. (Note: Savor the Lowcountry will ask you about your food allergies, intolerances and preferences before booking the tour and makes every effort to accommodate your needs.)

Our first stop was the Beach House’s (a Holiday Inn Resort) restaurant, The Porch—a hip, but cozy spot that offers “wholesome comfort food and Southern hospitality inside and out.” A high top table was set for all 12 of us. As we unfolded our napkins and braced ourselves for the pulled pork nachos topped with homemade beans and tangy coleslaw that suddenly appeared like an edible apparition, Chef Tim greeted us. I had expected to sample fabulous food, but I hadn’t expected this, and it was a true treat to talk with the chef. He explained his passion for food, his restaurant’s concept and the dishes we would be sampling. He also astounded us by admitting he went through 3,000 pounds of pork butts and 1,000 pounds of bacon each week. Then a red sauce appeared. “Is this for the nachos?” asked my in-heaven husband. “No, it’s for this,” the chef replied, setting a plate full of pimento cheese balls on the table. A hush swept across the table as we each spooned some sauce on our plates and then dipped these fried balls of gooey goodness.

Chef Tim excused himself and Watson began integrating some island history into our experience. Lee, myself and one other couple have lived here for years, and all four of us, who thought we had heard it all, found ourselves being pulled in by Watson’s ability to tell a story and make it fresh and engaging. (Note: Throughout the tour Watson interwove past, present and future facts about the area that did not come off as rehearsed, but rather narrative.)

Next, we headed to the Hilton Head Candy Company. I must admit, I don’t like candy. I’ve never had a sweet tooth, but again Watson captivated us by going into depth about how the candy was made and the funny personalities of the candy makers. We sampled nut candies, caramel popcorn, saltwater taffy and milk chocolate and were given a goodie bag to take home.

Then, it was off to Bomboras Grille’s new spot where they delivered quite the feast. The creamy shrimp and grits, pulled pork and coleslaw slider, and chopped blue cheese salad with BBQ vinaigrette were all showstoppers; but the chicken mulligatawny soup, with curry, chicken, lentils, red rice, peach chutney with house made chips, was the blockbuster.

We waddled over to Sweet Carolina Cupcakes, where I felt like one of the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as Watson said, “You’re welcome to try anything in the store.” We all salivated over a case full of carrot cake, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, whoopie pies and pecan pie bars before making our selections and heading to Flatbread Grill, where we had an out-of-this-world bruschetta and margherita pizza with a glass of wine.

At the conclusion of our tour, we all declared there was no need to rush home and make dinner. Instead, we all sat around and chatted—proving one more important thing about food: that it also has the ability to unite people.

Wine & Dine Your Valentine

Sunday, February 14th at 1PM

Featuring four restaurants, food samplings and cocktails at each location, sweets for your sweetheart, and Hilton Head Island love stories in honor of Valentine’s Day.
Limited Ticket Availability – 10 couples – Advance reservations required.
Booking available online or by phone.

www.savorthelowcountry.com // 844-515-9192

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